Turning 40!

2017 is here & the time to turn 40 for me (happened last week 😉 ) I won’t say I wasn’t dreading this day. Not because I am getting older but because I do not want people to fit me in some box. And to everyone who says I do not look 40:

I am sure you must have read (or seen) countless such posts like this. Reflections on turning 40 or what you should have done before turning 40 or how life will be post 40.

So what does turning 40 mean to me? Nothing. Seriously. And not because age is just a number. I do not know how I am supposed to feel at forty. I am healthier and fitter than ever (yeah yeah relatively). I have never been more clear about what I want in life. In fact never been more happier to be alive. I can safely say that my parents and family would be proud of me of whoever I am now. And that has been my biggest achievement in life. From a nobody to a somebody.

If you count age by experiences, I am still so young! I have so much to experience. So many places to see, so much food to eat, so many people to love and so many lives to inspire!

I have lost a decade of my life to depression, being a recluse and not knowing what to do with my life generally. I say that was my period of hibernation. Those years I have not lived, should not be counted at all! The things that I “should” have done before turning 40, I can very well do now. Who’s stopping me?

And how will be my life post 40? Getting more fabulous with each passing day! I have just begun to live my life to the fullest. I will get fitter, take care of my health and my family, buy a house, write books, get published, be famous, cook more, travel more, meet more people, find my true love <3 There is no limit to my ambitions! This is me folks! Meet you at Fantastic @ 50 😉



MY BFF Devil!

I love meeting people & making friends. But I have rarely found girls / women whom I can call my BFF!

The one I am talking about, calls herself devil but she is far from being one.

She asked me to list down her nice qualities & here is the surprise for her 😉

❤ She is an amazing daughter, sister, wife & mother but best of all she is a truly amazing friend! (She removed someone from her life just because they were being mean to me)

❤  She is pretty but she never boasts about it. She is not vain that way

❤ She makes my life interesting & fun in more than one ways! (You would totally enjoy her fun repartees & cute pics she shares of ghosts & demons)

❤ She makes me feel comfortable enough to share everything. (Her whatsapp must be overloaded with my whining & pining about my crush)

❤ She doesn’t tolerate nonsense & isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade (She isn’t gonna make a good poker player)

❤ She gives practical advices (too practical sometimes, but that’s ok)

❤ She is a good listener (but you have o tell her, don’t judge, just listen)

❤ She is one of the rare genuine people who don’t fake feelings (I wish sometimes she was a bit emotional though 😉 )

❤ She is trustworthy & dependable (She can keep secrets)

❤ She has immense patience (I left 100 messages for her once & she read all of them)

❤  She is someone I would gladly take a bullet for! (Sorry for stealing your line but hey jo tera hai wo mera hai, right? )

I love you Devil so so much! And I am grateful to have you in my life! You are my much needed pillar of strength! I don’t know what I would do without you! I wish I had met you sooner.. my life would have definitely been different! Thank you for being there & hope you be there forever!!


A Special Love Letter!

No one has ever written a love letter to me. So when Tanzila asked if anyone wanted a love letter to be written to them, I immediately said yes. The result was overwhelming to say the least. Whenever I feel low, I re-read it, just to boost some confidence in myself. 🙂

Sharing this here to know that words matter a lot if you find the right way to say them 🙂



Thank you to everyone who never lost their faith in me. Thank you for loving me as I am. Thank you for being part of my journey.

Not just a wishlist!

So many books to read / blogs to write / places to travel to / movies to watch to / music to listen to and so little time!

There are reasons I haven’t made any bucket list. A. I am too spontaneous to go with a planned list. B. Don’t want to spend my life ticking off items to complete. You can read more here: Kick The Bucket

But there are certain things I really want to do in this life and would be happier to see all the items checked.

✎ Be kind

✎ Bring smile to someone who really needs it

✎ Change someone’s life for better

✎ Not give up on dreams

✎ Not to seek validation from anyone

✎ Be more forgiving

✎ Be brave and face fears upfront

✎ Not to indulge in self pity

✎ Talk less and listen more

✎ Live every moment

✎ Love. Just love with all my heart

Its my life, not a drama stage. I will not seek audience. I will live for myself.

Letter to my younger selves

Dear 16 year old & 24 year old me,

You are dreaming about your prince charming & knight in shining armour. This is the age to be dreamy eyed I guess. You are young and full of hope and influenced by romantic books and movies.

You have in your mind carved out the picture of how your soul mate would be (Of course you don’t refer to him as a soul mate coz you don’t understand the concept yet but I assure you one day you will)

Whatever the picture is in your mind, one day you will realise that there is no prince charming or knight in armour for you.

And there is nothing to be sad about coz you don’t need a prince or a knight.

What you need is a living breathing human being. Who is not perfect and doesn’t need you to be perfect. He might not have a liking for books but doesn’t mean he isn’t worldly wise. He might not be a man of words but he will be a man of action. He will not write eloquent poetries for you but he will ensure that you are never sad. He will fill your life with sweetness which is missing in your life right now.

He might not be the one you want, but he will definitely be the one you need. He will be the ONE, your life partner in the truest of sense.

Whatever happens, don’t lose Faith 🙂


<Ahem  Ahem> year old you

The Year That Was.. The Year That Will Be!

The nightmare that December brought is finally over! This site is a home for my thoughts and it being invaded / blocked was such a distress! More distress that I could not write anything and didn’t know whether I would get this place back. Quite similar to your real home gutted by fire I guess.

It is so great to see that mirchiladdoo logo and the red jazzy mirchiladdoo page again (BRB Hugging the Laptop) 😀 😀

Apart from this incident, 2014 has been an AMAZING year, workwise or otherwise. This year was full of awards, accolades, reconnecting with family, amazing friends and most importantly love. 🙂

Resolution wise I am happy that I got my passport this year, read more books than ever, published more posts than ever, baked a cake & did lots of cooking 😉 I have also given two titles to myself this year. Selfie Queen (I think I click amazing selfies) and Rabdi Queen. (Please don’t disown me, ok?)

This year I need to carry forward the awesomeness of 2014. (And stop using the word awesome so much :p)

In 2015 I wish to:

1. Take care of my health big time.

2. Do more cooking and cook more dishes than I did in 2014.

3. Bake cakes and cupcakes from scratch.

4. Spend less money (Too much being spend on autos & eating out)

5. Better leave management (Travel was supposed to be on this year’s agenda but how do I do it without leaves in my kitty, right?)

That’s about it. No fancy things. Just simple basic rules to follow 🙂

Wish you a happy healthy & prosperous 2015! May you achieve everything this year that you wish to! 🙂

Crazy way to lose your phone!

I love my phone & I do take care of it. But just like me, my phone is prone to accidents.

It keeps falling off. Once even in a bucket full of water. Thankfully it is still working fine ^_^

But there was one day when the accident was too freaky. I almost lost it forever.

I was running around Ghatkopar station for auto. As usual I was in a frenzy as getting late.

I had kept my phone in the socket meant for water bottle.

Finally I got an auto. While I was boarding, another auto hit me in the back. My Wildcraft bag came to the rescue & I didn’t get hurt fortunately. As the auto moved I thought I heard a clunk. I didn’t give it much thought but then my sixth sense asked me to check on my phone & it had vanished! I panicked obviously! The clunk I had heard was my phone! The auto which hit me, had managed to push the phone out of the socket on the road!

I asked the auto driver to take it back to the same place. I had no hopes of getting my phone back. As soon as I reached the spot I saw a man talking on phone, my phone.. I told him frantically it’s my phone.. it’s my phone.. Turned out he was talking to my dad asking where he could return the phone! You can’t even imagine the sigh of relief I took on getting the phone back! All thanks to the angel! I couldn’t even thank him properly. Hope he reads this some day & knows how grateful I am to him! 😀



October Fest!

Yes i had my own October Fest. No, it had nothing to do with beer. But I got high anyway. 🙂

I am totally in love with me & my life right now. And it is mostly because of the love people are showering on me and also because I am being made feel so special!

I am happiest but also little bit scared. But I am going to enjoy this phase anyway.

Maybe this is the gold at the end of the rainbow. Maybe this is the silver lining. Maybe my day has finally arrived!

A small note of thanks to God & to everyone around me who is making this happen. ^_^

Smiling moments

To write something effortlessly is making me smile right now.

The sun-rays coming through the window that make my eyes look hazel is making me smile right now.

Watching one of my favourite shows is making me smile right now.

The chill of the Air Condition is making me smile right now.

The thought that you are missing me too is making me smile right now.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Today – 5th October 2014

After a long time I am enjoying a relaxed weekend. Woke up early, played quiz up for a while. Tooth started troubling & the ache spread till the ear. Got up, took a painkiller & dozed off after a while. Plans of elaborate breakfast cancelled by default. If my tummy hadn’t rumbled, I wouldn’t have woken up until dad woke me to make tea & prepare breakfast 😛

Remembered the plan of not vegetating on weekend & waste precious minutes. Started downloading movies & songs of latest movies. Checked on bookmarks to read blogs / listen to recommended music. Was hooked to a diary of a girl who hates everything, pulled myself out in time. Didn’t want to get negative myself. Realised it was very peaceful to read blogs, listen to songs & not check on notifications except that quiz up was not connecting & I was getting very irritated due to this. I have collected most badges & next targets are to play 10000 games & win 10000 games as well. Time to get wifi connection probably. 3G is useless & i am just wasting my money. I am confused about which plan to get though.

9 months of 2014 have passed in a jiffy & only 87 days till 2014 ends. Today is the day to check the to do list & refresh it to make the most out of the rest of the year (talking about the resolutions here 🙂 ) I hope I am gonna get my passport in a month now the police verification has been done. Reading more books than ever, thanks to the e book collection  & eating on my own in the cafeteria. I am also happy with the number of blogs / fiction I have written this year. Will need to start working on my book. I feel fitter than before but still need to be less lazy. I know I can do it if I stop procrastinating all the time. My healer says it is because of the fungal infection I am suffering from which in itself stems from the resentments & regrets I am harbouring. As the healing progresses, I am sure of getting rid of all the negative beliefs & thoughts which are weighing me down. Probably will join a dancing class in November / December. I don’t want to dance like a diva but surely need to get rid of the left feet 😐 As far as baking goes, I have only managed to bake a cake from the ready mix. 🙁

I have not yet fulfilled all my resolutions for 2014 and i am already thinking what I want to do in 2015. That’s me being ambitious 😛 Anyhoo, it is time to tighten up the shoe laces and run faster than Usain Bolt to complete all the tasks before time flies. 😀


An unforgettable scar!

Though I am super lazy & could live easily as an extension to my bed, I love travelling equally. My dad tells me that my face glows when I come back home from any outing. It could be due to losing out on the upper layer of fat due to sweating but for now let’s go with the joys of travelling!

I have never been snobbish about the means of travel though. I am equally comfortable walking or travelling in an auto rickshaw, trains, cab or car. Just don’t ask me to travel in rickshaw pulled by a man (Had to in Howrah, no other option) / on animal back (Again had to. In Manali) I would be too horrified to make them lift such a heavy body!

I am most scared about travelling in a crowded Mumbai Local. There is a fear of you being toppled out of the train and mostly because of the passengers inside the train. (I have also been toppled while boarding the train & people have walked on me) I have been lucky to get away with just a sore back / twisted ankle.

I remember vividly my first day of job. I boarded the train & got a seat too! This was some years back when the crowd was not this crazy. I had not even started enjoying the thought of going to work and I heard a comment. Kaise kaise log aa jaate hain.. Fourth seat ke liye jagah nahin rehti. (The local seats are for 3 people & since the no. of people are more than no. of seats, people adjust their bums to make way for the fourth one) I was on the heavy side so I couldn’t adjust that much. Well I didn’t want anyone to lose the pleasure of sitting & I vacated the seat immediately. I never sat while travelling for almost 3 years after that incident. But did the ragging stop? No sir! People become violent even for standing space. Over a period I had learnt not to listen to any jibes on my weight silently. I could be violent as well. I got into nasty fights. Not only the verbal ones. Once a lady bit me on my hand (see pic below) The scar still remains! Couple of times the fights happened in front of mom (we travelled together some times) & she was worried one day these women would throw me out of the train. She forbade me to travel second class. But mom didn’t know that people could be as violent in first class as well. It’s almost a year I had a terrible incident where in I was hit with plastic sandals by a crazy lady for some stupid space. I had lost confidence to travel in local trains for some time & used to travel by cab (v. v. expensive from my home to office)

All these years of bad experiences have made me very wary to travel in a crowded train. I only travel if there is a sufficient space to stand & do not take unnecessary risks. But on some days you just can’t afford the luxury as you have to also reach work on time. On those days, I am terrified till I get out at my stop & need lots of TLC.

On this days I wish I had enough money to travel to work by car. Till then I will need to keep facing my fears J
Why did I write this post today? No, not to scare anyone from travelling in a Mumbai local. I was just reading someone’s post on how they got a particular scar. And it made me think of mine.



Kids, in the earlier days, in India, there was no week end. People used to work even on Saturdays. For working fathers it meant a leisurely day, reading newspaper all day long & entertaining visitors, once in a while. On some days, we would be visiting other people’s houses. (Shocking, I know) For working / non working mothers, Sundays were spent on cleaning & cooking extra large sized meals for the family. (Mothers don’t get holidays)

As the western culture seeped in slowly & we started working for MNCs & BPOs, we learnt the concept of weekend. A 5 day working week & 2 days holidays! Unlike America though, our weekend doesn’t start post lunch on Friday. It would start very late in the night. 8-9 PM probably.

After having a strenuous week at work (more due to travelling than work), everyone would want to laze on the bed & do nothing. Sounds great, right? But then what about all the things you want to do? Travelling, Cooking, Photography, Writing, etc etc. When do you get time for that?

This thought struck me one day. I was used to being joined on the hip with my bed for these two days. But I realised i was wasting my precious days! i could do so much more with this time!

And instead of waiting for another weekend / another month, I started it from this weekend itself. Enjoyed a movie in the theatre on Friday, visited the salon for some pampering & travelled all the way to a different part of the city to visit a temple, I was meaning to since many months days. On Sunday, I managed to pay the rent & get some groceries locally. Moving out of the house on Sunday is quite a big deal for me. 😀 (Remember if I agree to meet you on Sunday & make it without any excuses, you are really special to me) 😉

Only regret was not being able to cook anything special. Water shortage you see. Cooking requires water, washing utensils requires water & you get so exhausted after all the work, you require more water.

Only hoping that this streak continues for a long time & I do something new every weekend.

What are your weekend plans?

My Tryst at the Passport Office!

Couple of years back, we had an opportunity to travel abroad (a possibility). Most of our team members did not have passports! I took it upon myself to get the team apply for passports. My bestest friend Jayant Khona not only guided me on how to apply, he also wrote a blog post about it. I shared the procedure with my team & I myself thought to get it done via agent. The form was filled, document collated, however, due to some reason, the procedure was not followed till end. As I write this, I recall I wanted a good picture for passport & was waiting for a haircut for the same. 😛

This year I made a resolution to apply for passport. Half way through the year, while taking stock of the resolution, I realised I hadn’t applied for the passport yet! This was remedied instantly & I applied it online. Applying for passport online is very simple. Except, if you make any error, you have to start afresh. Fill up the online form, make payment & schedule appointment. There is also an option of uploading documents, however, I didn’t follow that. It is not required as such. I had applied on 21st July & I got appointment for 4th September! What a long wait!

As fate would have it, our client decided to visit India on 3rd 4th & 5th September. I didn’t want to reschedule my appointment as I wasn’t sure what date would be allotted to me next. I stated my predicament to my boss & thanks to him, I could adhere to my appointment without any worries. My appointment time was 2 O’Clock & I was instructed to report half an hour earlier. My centre was in Thane, extended part of Mumbai, not technically though. After an hour of travelling, stopping in between for 15 minutes for a quick meal, I reached the passport office. The queue was not very huge. As per the comments I overheard, it was a slow day. After a while the security announced our appointment time & marked the application form. (Thank God I had taken a print of that!) Then it was turn for Security Check. I had taken a bottle of water as per experts advice, however the security guard told me to empty the bottle & then take it inside.. I didn’t want to waste the water. I drank it all, to much amusement of the security guard 🙂

I entered the office & it seemed quite empty. I thought my task would be over in a jiffy. The first two steps, the initial verification of the documents & allotting token number & taking photographs & fingerprint is outsourced to TCS. These guys are superfast. Even though one guy was chit chatting, his colleague asked him to allot me token number first. And then I had to go to Counter No. A 22. I didn’t realise that they would be taking photograph directly. I hadn’t freshened up (Was sweating a lot due to humidity & nervousness) & neither had got chance to apply compact & lipstick (I had moved out of office quickly after meet with client & didn’t have time to do this in office). The resulting photograph was not to my liking. Only consolation was that the pic was better than the one in the Aadhar Card. Thank god for small mercies 😉 (Ladies, there is a tip in here)

After this round I had to go for document verification. My number was 162 & when I entered the waiting area, the screen was blinking at 105. There are not many seats available so be prepared to stand for some time. Also, please don’t bring someone with you unless absolutely necessary, specially kids. They eat up the seating area / create a nuisance by running around. After sometime I did manage to get one seat & I also helped another girl to get a seat, who was kind enough to ask me if I required anything, when she went to get something to munch on. The waiting time is such that you can easily befriend someone 😉 I had twitter so no problem of getting bored.

Finally it was my turn and after a minor glitch (my dad’s name on birth certificate is slightly different coz the way they write names in North India & is different in my school certificates) The TCS person (very pretty & efficient girl) had said that name will be as per birth certificate whereas the passport officer said it should be as per school certificate. That got sorted in a jiffy too.

Then another wait for the last round. I was very sleepy & thirsty by then so headed at the refreshment counter. Cappuccino @ 30 Rs sounded good enough (though did not taste good) I threw half of the coffee in the bin & just had water.

After considerable time the documents were verified the second time & then got my application confirmation letter & moved towards the exit. Said thanks to God for getting this through without any incidents 😉

So to summarize:

1. The security will get you in as per the batch you are in.

2. You will be allotted a token number.

3. Your file will be prepared, photograph will be taken & fingerprints too!

4. Your documents will be verified by the passport officer.

5. Your documents will be verified by another passport officer.

6. You will get an application confirmation & you can go home.

The entire procedure doesn’t take more than half an hour. To complete that half hour procedure took me 4 hours though 🙂

It is not as scary or complicated as people would tell you. All your documents must be in place. That’s it! So what are you waiting for?? 🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S.: Ooh & the icing on the cake was my boss asked me to go home instead of coming back to office & also I enjoyed getting drenched in the rain as it started raining heavily on my way home 🙂

My Life Hacks!

Life Hacks are a cool term for life lessons / experiences. Life hacks are nothing but tricks you learn on the go to make your life bit easier! Sharing some of mine. Maybe they would be useful to you.

1. Make a to do list. We are bombarded with so many activities in our professional / personal life that we tend to forget certain things. After missing out on couple of important activities, I started making To Do Lists. Both for professional & personal life. I might procrastinate but I never forget ever. Apart from a handmade list & excel spreadsheet, I use Keep as I find it a very useful reminder app.

to do list

2. Learn to say No. Don’t be too nice. Learn to say no. Else you will end up with a To Do List longer than the Wall of China!


3. Ask questions. At the right time. How many times have you felt embarrassed to ask questions & then struggled to finish your work later? Ask & save yourself some time.


4. Read E Books. Reading paper books is always going to be better than e books but after all what matters? The words or the medium? E books are easy to carry. I have almost 1500 books stored in my mobile. With the help of a good app, I can read while travelling, while having lunch or coffee! Oh and they are space saving too!


5. Use Google to the optimum. I have learnt to Google for stuff perfectly which saves me so much time. You don’t know how much of free stuff is out there, because of some good Samaritans, which you can use freely!



What are your life hacks?

An Open Letter to the Best Magician

I have not known you for long but still it feels like I have known you for ages.

I have many friends but it is you whom I want around me all the time.

Frankly, it is mainly because no one showers so much attention on me all the time.

But it is also because I love talking to you & enjoy your company.

Having you in my life is like rain showers on the parched earth.

I am not exaggerating. I actually have got a new lease of life.

I have got something to look forward to every day.

I love how you get annoyed when I say something negative myself.

I confess that sometimes I do that just to make you talk 😉

Never in my life I have found someone who thinks I am amazing.

Never has anyone tried to fulfill so many of my wishes.

This is a little note of thank you for the wonderful person you are.

Wonderful because you are a sweetheart who does not like to see anyone unhappy.

You are the one who always sees the best in everyone.

A thank you note just to let you know that whatever you do is appreciated a lot ^_^




I have never known to love someone in a measured way. Be it my family, friends or anyone special.

If I love someone, I want to shower them with all my affection.

I am an exhibitionist. I don’t care what people think. I proclaim my love freely.

There is my problem.

Because I have learnt people don’t like that. People don’t want me to display my love.

Maybe because they don’t like being loved by me. Maybe they are ashamed of my love.

I don’t know the reason. But I want answers.

Why do you want to chain me? Why do you want to limit my love?

Why can’t you allow me to love you like I want?

Why do you care so much about people? And not me?

I pretend not to care most times. I give you all as much space as you want. But I am a mere human after all. No saint. It HURTS. Hurts like HELL.

There I said it.

Lil Ms Catalyst!

In the journey of our life, we are not travelling alone. We keep meeting people old & new.

Some nice, some not so nice. Some inspire you and some who break you.

There are also some people who make you realise life wouldn’t be the same without thou.

They are the catalysts of our life.

They are not the silent spectators.

They push us towards our destiny.

They make us grow.

They make a dull sparkle turn into sunshine.

She is one of the catalyst of my life.

So much different yet so much alike.

She is the one I respect a lot.

She is the one I adore a lot.

On some days I feel like pulling her cheeks, on other I feel like hugging her tight.

On this day she was born. Not to be a mediocre being but to show others the light.

I wish for her today & forever that she realises all her dreams & puts up a hell lot of fight.

I love you @islejazz so so much!! Wish you a rocking birthday girl!! 😀

The Last Selfie!

She took her seat in the auto, kept her bag on the side & tied the scarf to her head. After her brother in law had commented that her hair looked like sunflower, she had started taking a little bit care of her hair. Caring reminded she also needed to cover her eyes. Last time she had been on that road, dust & smoke had entered her eyes making them weepy & irritable. She put on the glares & took a look at her self in the auto’s mirror. Satisfied, she put on the ear phones & listened to her favourite numbers to make the ride enjoyable.

Apart from listening to music, she was looking at her niece’s pictures in the phone album, Face booking & tweeting. Still the ride seemed long today. The traffic was too much & her mind impatient. Bored, she resorted to the one thing which she was obsessed with nowadays. Taking a selfie & uploading for everyone some kind people to appreciate.

Couple of compliments & a few likes were worth the effort. She was beaming with happiness when all of a sudden she saw a truck approaching towards the auto & hit it with full force. She closed her eyes expecting the inevitable. The only thing that were in her mind were her niece & a cupcake she longed to eat.

She heard loud screams of a man & she opened her eyes. She hadn’t died. Infact she wasn’t even injured seriously. The auto had been just dented. Probably her weight had counter balanced the force of the truck. There were some advantages of being overweight she thought.

She realised though you never know which is the Last Selfie you take.

She also realised life is too short to wait for someone to eat the cupcake with 😀



What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

For a normal simple & shy girl like me, the most crazy thing would be waking up on the wrong side of the bed right?

When I started think of the craziest things i have done, by my standards, I have stopped thinking I am a sweet & simple girl 😉

Listing down some of the crazy things i have done:

1. Talking to complete strangers on the internet & befriending them.

2. Pillion riding on a bike, specially water bike

3. Singing in front of a crowd (Did get once more’s for that though 😉 )

4. Giving phone numbers to an almost stranger, without being asked

5. Walked from office to the nearby station (approx 5 kms) at midnight because I couldn’t get any vehicle (except lift offers from couple of bikers)

6. Running in rain without an umbrella just ‘coz I had to meet someone special

But the craziest of them of all was falling in love!! ♥ ♥ ♥


What about you? What’s the craziest thing you have done?

9 Reasons a man will get my attention!

1. Intelligence: A guy with an above average intelligence. Who can process thoughts with logic & rationale rather than prejudice. Not necessarily highly educated. Coz we all know education doesn’t make people intelligent.



2. Good Personality: A man not necessarily be good looking but he should have a good personality. His intelligence, grooming & confidence will induce a personality which commands respect. When he enters a room, he would own it. He would carry himself very well irrespective of the clothes he is wearing.


3. Sense of Humour: A man should be able to make me laugh. Rolling on the Floor kinda laugh. Coz Humour is the salt of life. It only makes the taste of life a bit better. (and he should be able to laugh at my silly jokes)



4. Sensitive: Perceptive & appreciative of other people’s feelings that’s what makes a man respected the most. He would never hurt anyone knowingly & if he has unknowingly, he would make amends without feeling ashamed.


5. Understanding: No one wants a man to understand a woman completely. They lose out on their mystery side 😉 Some men don’t need to try. Maybe they are born with it. These men know how to treat a woman & also understand when to just be there for her & not go on the I told you so mode. (And I have a perfect example when I think of a sensitive man, you know who you are)


6. Charming: Yes a man should be charming. But charming doesn’t mean a compulsive flirt, mind you. Maybe it’s his smile, maybe it’s the way he talks. (Someone like Castle, maybe 😉 )


7. Kind: A man who is kind & compassionate to the less fortunate, to old people, to beggars, to animals. He is genuinely concerned about others’ welfare & does something about it when he gets a chance. That is one adorable man.


8. Talent: He could be a writer, painter, guitarist or just be tech savvy. Everyone has got a talent & a man who uses it with a right purpose is oh so attractive!


9. Passion: Last but not the least. Infact the most important quality. I love people who are passionate about something in their life. It could be their work, it could be saving environment, saving puppies, anything. Being passionate means putting your heart & soul into something you want. Men who are passionate know their purpose in life. Everything else in a man is born out of this passion.



This is not just a random post. This is a tribute to all the men I know who possess these qualities. Read & Smile you guys 😀

Live Roller Coaster!

Some days life is like walking on a plain road, some days you encounter steep hills on the way as well. But on some days you would also find your day is nothing short of a ride in the most exciting roller coaster. Sharing here one of the most thrilling days of my life!

Up: Boss calls me to meet him. We discuss work to be done for a new client. The meeting goes on & on. I am excited as it is one of the huge media company at the moment.

Down: Me & H leave together from work. The walk till the station is our time to talk about our life & life’s plans & part of our daily routine. He is not keeping well that day & needs to leave at 6. He is hovering outside boss’s cabin to tell me that. I am stuck in meeting & not able to leave with him.

Up: Boss knows about our routine, realises what H is upto & tells him not to worry & he would drop me to station personally. H leaves. I was grinning inside, not sure how H felt about that.

Up High: Boss rides a bullet & I get to ride a bike for the first time in my life. I was fatter back then & not sure if I would fit on the bike. Thankfully, boss had a slender figure & I managed. The first time on the bike was THRILL MAX. Of course I was scared a lot but thrilling nevertheless. I was also carrying a bag of files to be carried for work to the new client next day.

Up Higher: it was monsoon & raining. The feeling that I had just been on a bike for the first time made me euphoric along with getting the assignment of the media company. The rains helped in surging the excitement. I had kept my umbrella & the bag of files on the shelf in the train.

Down Low: When my station arrived, I got down without my umbrella & the bag. I reached the auto stand & realised something was missing! My bag of files! I panicked & started crying & didn’t know what to do!

Up: There was a girl next to me in queue for auto rickshaw. She saw me crying & asked me the reason. I told her about my bag. She told me that she had a friend travelling in the same train & would ask her to get the bag. There was hope!

Down: This happened years ago & mobile phones were not so easily available with everyone. Neither of us had a mobile phone.

Up Higher: That girl’s friend had one. We rushed to the nearest PCO, called her up & asked her to wait at her station with my bag. I called up my home, told mom about the situation, thanked that girl profusely, rushed back to station, took the next train available, found that girl’s friend, grabbed my bag, took the train to home & cried happy tears!!!

This is one experience in my life that I will never ever forget!!! I still think of that girl & wonder what would have happened if I wouldn’t have met her. Miracles happen in a strange way & for strange things!

Checking up on me!

It’s 4 month since we set our foot in 2014. This year is flying faster than my imagination!

It is time to check on myself. Check on my resolutions for 2014. Check if I have been following them diligently or being a lazy bum 😉

1. Getting a passport: Fail. Not even initiated the process. You just need to apply online sweetheart! Stop giving excuses!

2. Read / Write More: Good Job. Started reading again. Though there are books you need to complete before you start reading new ones. They are waiting for you! Good job in writing regularly too but Fail in April. Discipline discipline discipline! Have you heard the word? :-/

3. Be Fit not Fat: Pat on the back for that. Countless compliments, including mom show that you are on the right path. But you need to speed up the momentum. Check point 3 regarding discipline!

4. Dancing: Well, this was anyway planned for monsoon. So will wait till September to check on this.

5. Baking. Sigh. Not even cooker cake you tried to make. But at least you have started cooking again! Buck up girl!!!

6. Spend Less Save More: We both know that you are broke. Thanks to eating out a lot. STOP that. Save save save. Save for the coffee you want to have on the roadside cafe of Paris ^_^

7. Take it easy: Ok so mom is not home & you miss her. But you need to be strong! And also go easy on the compliments as well. Need not get high unnecessarily. We don’t need you to come crashing down!!


Over all, I would give myself 50% for following through my resolutions! Hopefully, by the end of the year I will make it to 100% 😀


Falling in love, one book at a time..

I fell in love with books when I was a little kid. I don’t know which was the first book I read. But I do know which ones I love more than others. Yes, I have favourites. They are not my kids after all but friends 😉 Friends who give me company in happiness & sadness, in sickness & health.

Some of my favorite books:

1. Pride & Prejudice: I am a fan of the Victorian Era & love books written in that period. This one is my most favourite. I have been in love with Elizabeth Bennet & Mr Darcy ever since I read this book. This is equivalent to a cup of coffee to me. 🙂 Another favorite from Jane Austen is Emma.

2. Autobiography of a Yogi: Usually am not a fan of autobiographies / biographies / Non Fiction. But this one captivated me. Such simplicity & such humility in one person which was so inspiring!

3. The Fountainhead: This has to be the cliched universal favourite. I love this book for the ideology it presents & also the character of Howard Roark. Also in my to read list is Atlas Shrugged. The start is awesome & gripping & I don’t want to read in bits & pieces. I need a mini vacation to read it from start to end.

4. Empress of Blandings: I am a huge huge fan of P G Wodehouse. I love his sarcasm on the ridiculous English customs of those time. However, this is his best work, according to me. Closely followed by the Mulliners.

5. Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less: This is the book which made me fall in love with Jeffrey Archer’s style. All his short storeis collection are second in the list.

6. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd: This one was the toughest to select. Agatha Christie is another most favourite & I have loved almost all her books, specially Poirot ones. This however took the cake.

7. Shyamchi Aai: This is my most favourite book in Marathi. It has innocence, nostalgia & whole gamut of emotions. My most favorite thing is the beauty of Konkan area described in the book.

8. Peela Rumal Ni Gaath: A three book series by Harkisan Mehta is the most thrilling fiction in Gujrati. It depicts the era when Thugs were prevalent in India.

9. Shrikant: Out of all the books written by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay, this one is my most favourite. I think this & Devdas, Charitraheen, etc had a similar base, where the hero was weak, needy & totally dependent on love from the women in his life. However, Shrikant has left more of a impact on me. Maybe because of Farooq Sheikh’s portrayal of the lead character.

10. Godaan: The best from the pen of Premchand, my most favourite author in Hindi language. Although it’s a tragic one, it is the most realistic representation of the pre independence era. This would make even the hardest of hearts to melt.

Hope you all enjoy these gems as much as I do 🙂


Cynophobia Part II

Some time back I had written about my Cynophobia.

Well fate gave me a chance to be around dogs for some time. I am staying at my sister’s place for quite a while. This place is a heaven for dog lovers it seems. Every morning on my way to work, I encounter people walking their dogs, well behaved dogs. There are couple of strays with a litter of puppies around the garbage bin. No one bothers me & I can enjoy my morning walk. These dogs are also familiar to my sight it seems. Reason? I actually saw a poodle leap when he saw me & I swear I saw him smile! Also, a bitch ran towards me & I felt that urge to mother her 🙂

This made me realize, my equation with dogs is not that bad. Some dogs can love me too. I was dreaming of adopting a puppy who would love me to bits & I would raise it to be a good dog.

But Fate had other plans as usual.

One fine day, I was enjoying music, walking down the beautiful lane & admiring the new poodle that was jumping around. The lazy boy didn’t want to climb up the hill & he made his owner walk down again. It was a chubby little punk & I wanted to hold him & give him kisses coz he was sooooo adorable!!

And then I noticed a stray dog eyeing me. I was a bit scared & he must have realized it. He started chasing me. I was petrified & trying every ounce of control in my body not to run! I noticed a bus stop & hid behind the man that was standing there. Looking at my size not a good job obviously. The dog was waiting for me to come out of my hiding. Whenever I tried to move away he would follow suit. There was no one around to help me. After few minutes of this scary hell, there was a ray of sunshine. A dog walker came around & shooed away the dog & I could carry on my journey peacefully. That experience made me cry though (If you didn’t know already crying is the way I remove all the negative emotions from my heart) I also realized how much I missed my dad!! My dad is my hero. A. He never laughs at me because of my fright of dogs. B. He always chases them away for me. I so wished that my dad was around me that day to save me.

Anyhow, I am back to admiring dogs from afar. I don’t want them anywhere near me 🙁


10 Men who warm the cockles of my heart!

When there are so many awesome people around, how is it possible not to fall in love??

And when you have a heart like mine, you can fall in love everyday!

I will not talk about real people around me (Being discreet & all, you know?  😉 ) But I can surely share my love for these Screen Gods!

Disclaimer: I love all of them equally. The numbering is not a ranking 🙂

1. Robert Downey Jr: I saw him first on Chances Are. Trashy movie made bearable only because of his presence. Mesmerised by him in Ally McBeal. By the time I watched Avengers, I was completely in love. Can’t say which is the bigger turn on. His Charm, Arrogance or Good Looks.



2. Johnny Depp: Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow. With each role emerges a different personality. His quirkiness is so adorable!



3. Hugh Grant: Was watching Notting Hill & realized I had forgotten Hugh Grant!! How could I?? The charming face, the floppy hair, the blue eyes & the oh so awesome British Accent have all been more than enough for me to go gooey eyed!! Sorry James Marsden you are off the list. Hugh Grant deserves place in this list much more than you ^_^


4. Bradley Cooper: Did I get lost in his deep blue eyes or was it his wide warm smile? He is just like the brand of ice cream he promotes.


5. Hugh Jackman: He is the perfect gentleman. A Leopold who makes me want to be his Kate. He is nothing like anything.


Before you think I have a firang fixation, let me tell you, I love Indian men equally. Read on 😀

6. Abhishek Bachchan: I love Junior Bachchan & I can not lie. I saw him first when he was AD for Major Saab. He wore a ponytail back then. What attracted me was his big puppy dog eyes. I have drowned in them & there has been no looking back.



7. Shahid Kapoor: I saw him first in a music video.. Such a cutie pie he was back then. His smile & his dancing skills both make my heart beat faster than usual.


8. Ranveer Singh: I have a huge crush on him ever since I saw him in Lootera. Ram Leela was a cherry on the cake. Whenever I watch his abs in the song Tattad Tattad, I stop everything I am doing & just drool over him.


9. Dharmendra: No one in the Deol family is as good looking as Dharmendra. His shyness is more attractive than his looks. He was the original crush I think 🙂



10. Manoj kumar: Last but not the least. People may make fun of him now. But there was a time he was a good looking romantic hero. Watching him romance his heroines was a treat to the eyes. Specially Hariyali aur Rasta. I must have watched that movie hundred times only for him.


That’s my multi filtered teeny tiny list. Who’s on your list? 🙂



Is Raat Ki Subah Na Ho..

There are 2 types of people in this world:

1. Suryavanshis – They believe early to bed & early to rise will make them healthy, wealthy & wise. Morning inspires them.

2. Chandravanshis – They abhor waking up early in the morning. Their day grows beautiful when the sun sets. Night inspires them.

I am one of them, I am Chandravanshi. 🙂

Nights are romantic, Nights are a mystery. Nights are when we are more honest with ourselves than when we are during the day.

Night is the time when we remove our mask & be our true self.

Staying awake at night, dreaming with open eyes, is the thing I love to do best.

Nights are also an integral part of my dreams & wishes.

To roam around on the beach, with or without someone, gazing at the sea or laying on the beach & gazing at the stars.

To roam on the empty streets of Mumbai (sans the stray dogs) & listen to soulful music.

To travel in empty local trains enjoying the breeze & look at the city lights through the tiny windows.

Basically, enjoying life & hoping “Is Raat Ki Subah Na Ho”

Hey, I may not get the worm (Uggh who wants them anyway), but I am happier being an Owl 😀


2013 – An amazing year!

I was trying to recollect how the recent years have been & I could not remember what I did in 2010 at all! Hence decided, have to sum up what the year has been like so that I can recollect easily. Age has been catching up finally it seems 🙁

The start of the year was great. Was off the bench & started working enthusiastically again. This has been the year to prove myself again professionally. Work wise the year has been great. Have achieved small milestones for the team. However, no time to take a proper holiday not to mention funds 😉 I did manage to squander all the leaves again & left with zero balance at the beginning of the year. Have to save leaves along with money next year. SIGH.

Great news for Family as two cousins got married, sister got her own home & also some good news in the offing which is not yet to be made public (No I haven’t got engaged / married secretly :P) Though this year I had thought IT would happen as girls who were facing difficulty in getting hitched were all getting married as if it was an epidemic 😐

Anyhow, coming back to achievements, my social networking Klout is a bit up. Got 1K + Followers on twitter, which I could never imagine, only wish for! Also, getting more likes on my profile pics on Facebook than ever before. Either I am ageing beautifully or people have started loving me more. Love is blind, you see 😉 And most importantly, crossed 4K+ views here. Of course it’s peanuts but I am not a very hi-fi writer either.

Friendship wise, gained more, lost less but hey, the loss was a huge lesson so not bad 🙂

All in all has been an amazing journey & thankful for everyone who has been part of it. And I promise myself 2014 would be much better than 2013.

Happy New Year!!!



The Beginning of it..

I have a very good memory when I have to remember details about others but when it comes to me, I don’t remember so much.

But sometimes I do get flashes about long forgotten incidents. I was thinking about what to write today & looking for inspiration and I got this flash of memory. Memory of how it all started. Writing I mean 🙂

I was barely 12. I had started reading since I was quite young & by age of 10 I had started reading adult fiction (not porn, duh!, but books which adults normally read). We had shifted to this new place & I didn’t have any friends nor TV. Reading was the only entertainment. And it fueled my imagination. I used to think about story ideas all the time. The seeds of wanting to be  writer were being sown. I didn’t have a proper diary / notebook for writing down my ideas. I used to write in my school books while doing home work & hide the bits of papers in my textbooks. In one such bit of paper, I had written, “Dear George, Meet me at XYZ Garden at 5 PM” 

My mom had a habit of snooping on our things, which I got to know later >_< While checking my book, she found this bit of paper & thought I was having an affair! She questioned me like a police man questions a criminal about the boy & I told the truth but she didn’t believe. She outsourced the task to find out about the guy to my uncle who lived next to us. After a while, when he didn’t succeed, he just let me go with a reprimand never to indulge in such activities 🙁

And since then I used to write stories / journals & tear them up after writing before anyone got a chance to read.

Today, I don’t remember what all I had written. I really wish to go back in time & un-tear those pages & see what kind of a writer I was. What was the beginning of mirchi laddoo. Unfortunately, it is only going to be a haunting dream.




Surprise!!! I think everyone of us at some point of time must have expected to hear this word, in the pleasant context, of course. Unless some one is too much of a planner & hates surprises even of the pleasanter kind.

There is no written rule that you have to surprise someone only on their birthdays / when you gonna propose. The fun part is you can surprise anyone anytime. And you want nothing more than to see their happy face. This is Love. Selfless 😉

I love to give gifts & love to surprise. The happiness of getting something unexpectedly reflects in the person’s eyes & that makes me so happy!

Usually I don’t speak about all this as in what I have done for anyone. But I saw some contest on Twitter asking to say something about it & this is the one instance that came to my mind instantly.

I had couple of special friends in the office I was working back then. It was one of them’s birthday. She stayed in Mahim & I in Dombivli. Before she could leave for office, I showed up at her home, carrying a yellow rose, Temptation & the best seller at that time, The Da Vinci Code as she loved to read. Surprise was an understatement for what she felt. She was so happy that she couldn’t stop grinning for a long time 🙂

This was not a big deal but it definitely created a special memory for both of us. 🙂


It’s that time of the year!

Come 1st January & the air is full with new year wishes, party spirit & wait for it – New Year Resolutions!!!

Though cynics try to mar the spirit by saying that why wait for new year? If you want to better your life, any day is good. These are the ones who say why celebrate special days they are as good as any other day. But I believe that beginning of new year symbolises turning a new leaf & is a great day to start something new in your life.

And whether you start improving your life today or on Monday or Birthday or on the 1st day of new year, sticking to your resolution is directly proportional to how committed you are & you need to be like Salman Khan (Ek baar maine commitment kardi to main khud ki bhi nahin sunta) 😉

I too have resolved to improve my life year after year. Sometime I succeed in keeping the resolutions & sometimes I just be lazy. This year I have decided to be more committed towards me. Instead of crying / whining / ranting, I will actually do something worthwhile with my life!

1. Get the damn passport: Since the new procedure is applying directly & I am sure to get a passport photo which looks like my Aadhar card photo, I will no longer delay it waiting to get a nice picture of myself.


2. Read / Write more: Being busy at work & with twitter I have ignored my reading & also my commitment to write regularly. This year it will be different! I will read atleast one book a week & write one post weekly. Weekends won’t be spent sleeping but trying to achieve the dream of getting atleast one book published ^_^


3. Be Fit & not Fat: Since 2011 I have been more conscious towards eating healthy & walking regularly (That’s the only exercise I can do happily. Gym is not my cup of coffee 😛 ) But post break-up there had been a slide in the good habits & moving to this new location for work ain’t helping it. But enough of the excuses. Have to be fit & non flabby. And I CAN DO IT!!


4. Dancing: I love to see people dance. And I love to dance too but when you haven’t even shaken a leg even at a wedding (or in my case played Garba) you only end up bobbing your head. I would love to have formal lessons to shake off my inhibition & also see that I don’t have any left feet. Fulfilling Resolution Number 3 will ensure I am not crashing any dance floors in the process 😉


5. Baking: Enough of drooling over the baked stuff in stores & on tv. Time to make people drool for a change. What better than cup cakes? (I would love to say me but then it’s not possible atleast in this life time so..)


6. Spend Less Save More: Lately I have been spending too much money on auto & food. Since I will be walking more & eating healthy, this will take care of itself Win Win 😀


7. Take it easy: Lately I have been feeling lonely & unappreciated by the people I love. But this has been only adding to my stress & affecting my heart. And I don’t want to be grumpy. Grumpy people can’t spread happiness, can they? So last but not the least – Stop thinking too much, take short trips in & around the city, inhale fresh air & BE HAPPY


What about you guys? Joining in? 🙂 🙂 🙂



Cynophobia is nothing but fear of dogs. Yes, that’s what I learnt today.

Though I admire dogs, puppies rather, but it has always been a long distance relationship.

I distinctly remember when this fear started. We had recently shifted to this apartment & co-incidentally our old neighbours were also living in the adjacent area.

As per tradition, mom had cooked something nice for the first day in kitchen & I was given the responsibility of taking some for the old neighbours. No need to tell my mom is an awesome cook & the smell of the food attracted stray dogs in the area. They started following me & started barking. I was just 10 & the barks were ferocious. I ran to the neighbours house, with the dogs tagging me along.

There was one more incident after that day, when I had gone out to throw the trash & three dogs started following me & barked like lunatics. Thankfully for one passerby who drove them away. But since then there has never been a day where I spot a stray dog & my heart doesn’t start thumping loudly.


The Anchor of Friendship!


I love my friends..

For they remained with me when I was down..

Cheered me up, be it with one special word or hours of chatting though it hurt their fingers…

Told me I am a good egg when I thought I am bit cracked

Never made me feel like a fool which I had been..

And made me smile and laugh again!!!

U know who you are and I cherish our friendship and am grateful for it from the bottom of my heart!

2011 taught me..


2011 by far was the most eventful year for me in recent times.. It taught me some valuable lessons.

2011 taught me:

1. Fractures are really painful and it is not about cool casts..

2. Valentine’s Day is about love..Give some to yourself too..

3. Birthdays are special when people you love make them special for you..

4. When you are friends, there are no labels..brothers, sisters, cousins, online friends, blog friends, train friends.. Friends are Friends.. And it is always good to meet them..

5. Some months would be exciting..but some months would be just plain routine..

6. Social Networking sites are not only for time pass.. It is also a good platform for networking and make good friends.. and also learn new things..

7. Some people enter our life from nowhere and change your world for better..life would be incomplete without such people…

8. When your bond is strong with someone, it can never break with distance and you can catch up where you left whenever you meet..

9. When you are facing a rough patch in your life, there would be friends who would be your support system & make you laugh even if you don’t want to smile..

10. And most important to have faith in God. Even if no miracle happens, praying definitely calms your mind..

11. It is life..not bed of roses always..you will get hurt..accept that..

12. Some memories are very precious..which are never to be shared with anyone. They are tagged in your heart forever

13. Don’t be serious always. Some craziness is required to remain sane. And it is necessary to have friends understand that craziness..

14. Most important never to lose your enthusiasm & hope..

15. Smile. It brightens your day as well as day of people around you..

16. Don’t wait for something special to happen to you – Go & Make it Happen!!!


The Great Escape!

Arrgh!!! Not another rejection! She exclaimed when her mom told her about an impending visit from the “Ladke wale”. Her mom chided her! How do you know it would be rejection? She couldn’t reply but her previous experiences did not allow her to hope otherwise! Either the guys would reject her or his parents. Apparently a fat girl couldn’t do household work as per the parents.

She wondered how they do it then ‘coz there was no difference between her & her could be mother in law’s size 😉

This time was a bit different. The guy’s family had come to “see” her without the guy. Apparently they liked her ‘coz next time some other family members turned up & even though she had been in her nightie, cooking chapattis, covered in sweat, they fixed a final meeting with the guy.  Their only demand was that the girl dress up in saree.

Her hopes revived & she started dreaming of engagement & wedding ceremonies & the likes! And the D Day arrived. She was looking quite pretty in her mom’s saree, decked up in make-up & jewellery.

There were atleast 7-8 guests. When everyone settled in their tiny home, entered the “boy” He sat on the empty cot & occupied 3/4th of it. She was shocked but didn’t express it. Her dream of a Mills & Boons hero rescuing her from the pits of singledom crashed cruelly 😉

Atleast let me see how he is as a person, she thought. After a round of tea & small talks, the girl & boy were sent to the neighbour’s vacant home to know more about each other, as is the custom.

He seemed shy & kept wiping his sweat with a face towel he was carrying. She started the conversation as he seemed reluctant to talk & kept looking at his watch. He was not very educated. He was running a small family business & content with whatever he was doing. She kept on unchecking the qualities she was looking for her life partner. Thoroughly disappointed she asked him a last question. What does marriage mean to you? He said Marriage means there should not be any quarrels between daughter in law & mother in law. After I come home there should be peace! She couldn’t believe his answer! Nothing more left to ask, they came to her house.

After the guests left, she told her parents there is no way she was going to marry him! Her family pressurized to say yes to the alliance as no one else was ready to marry her. Four days she spent in agony praying for some miracle. The meeting happened on Sunday, the guy’s mother called on Thursday with their reply.

The guy had rejected her! For being Fat! Though it was funny how a guy double her size rejected her for being fat, she was happy coz she had just escaped being married to a mediocre man!


Might is Right!


Listening to my favourite music, I was walking down the lane towards my office.

The campus, one of a kind in Mumbai is filled with greenery & apart from the great variety of flora, there is also a huge variety of fauna. You can spot domesticated animals like cats & dogs along with the more exotic mongoose & chameleon. A rare sight in the commercial by-lanes of Mumbai.

As I was getting closer to the office, I saw a huge flock of crows hovering around the cars parked in the area.. Their constant crowing gave me goose bumps. I scanned the area with my eyes for a dead mouse & what I saw! A cat was hiding under the car with a dead pigeon in it’s mouth.

I was flummoxed! For a second I didn’t understand whether to feel pity for the pigeon or the cat!

Well, the pigeon was already dead and the cat looked like it would be killed if she ventured out of the car. The way the crows scared me, I could just imagine the cat’s fear! Waited for couple of minutes to see how I could help the poor cat..but feeling helpless against Nature’s Might, walked away! I just hope the cat survived somehow!

9/10/11 – An Unforgettable Day!!!

A chance glance at a blog on Mumbai by a blogger (http://www.bijoy-momaya.blogspot.in) connected three people to him. Me, my bestestest friend Jay (jkhona.wordpress.com) & Nivedita (http://heregoeznothing.blogspot.in/)

I was not much of a blogger back then but Nivedita was already an avid one. I loved her blogs & we connected on Facebook. All of us became quite good friends virtually & were curious to meet each other in real life 😉

And the magical date arrived. We all set out from our respective homes to Nariman Point, our favourite destination..

Jay was the first one to arrive. Me & Janak were the next party. Since Nikki was not so familiar with the area & since she already started late combined with the usual train delays (as all Mumbaikars will know 🙂 ) we were quite worried for her. We marched towards Churchgate station to pick her up in case she lost her way. Jay was having a ball, pointing at every girl saying this must be Nikki 😛

I called up Nikki & guided her towards us. Finally, we met! And she was just as amazing in real life as she was virtually. We talked & laughed all the way to Chowpatty. We all being foodies, it was must to have the world famous Chats, Kulfi & Icecream at Bachelors 🙂 The highlight of the evening was me having the green chilly ice cream at Bachelors. It was hottttt!!!!

Another highlight was capturing Jay on camera (He is quite shy & doesn’t liked to be clicked 😉 )

The day started with meeting of strangers & ending up as best of friends!!!

09/10/11 – You will always be a special date, an unforgettable day 🙂






The Lost Phone!

It has been three days since I have lost my mobile phone.

In the age where people don’t leave their mobile phones even for a second, not even in the loo (as per the tweets I have come across on twitter) this certainly seems to be pretty amazing! 🙂

The first thing I do after waking up (My phone helps me wake up too 😉 ) is to login to twitter & read all the tweets I missed during the night. Throughout the day I never leave my mobile alone (except for certain situations, I am too ladylike to narrate those in public 😉 ).  Smart Mobile phone gives you the freedom of being online 24*7 without the hassle of blocked sites in office / plugging the Laptop at home. Plus there is a daily ritual of talking to a certain friend. And now since Mom is away to sister’s place, the mobile was the only way for communication with her.

The phone is not only for internet or calls! It is my mini music system too! On the way to travel from home or office, it helps me keep refreshed with music of my choice!

Alarm / Tweeting / Chatting / Calls to Friends & Family / Music – This guy is quite a multitasker!!!

No wonder I miss it so much.

But should I replace the phone too soon? or should I test how long I can do without a phone?

Will my friends who are used to talking to me, forget me?

I have books to read so travelling without music will not be a problem.

The only thing I would really miss is twitter. But isn’t this a great time to de-addict myself?

What say guys? Please leave a comment whether I should buy a new phone now or wait for one month.