Lil Ms Catalyst!

In the journey of our life, we are not travelling alone. We keep meeting people old & new.

Some nice, some not so nice. Some inspire you and some who break you.

There are also some people who make you realise life wouldn’t be the same without thou.

They are the catalysts of our life.

They are not the silent spectators.

They push us towards our destiny.

They make us grow.

They make a dull sparkle turn into sunshine.

She is one of the catalyst of my life.

So much different yet so much alike.

She is the one I respect a lot.

She is the one I adore a lot.

On some days I feel like pulling her cheeks, on other I feel like hugging her tight.

On this day she was born. Not to be a mediocre being but to show others the light.

I wish for her today & forever that she realises all her dreams & puts up a hell lot of fight.

I love you @islejazz so so much!! Wish you a rocking birthday girl!! 😀

2 thoughts on “Lil Ms Catalyst!

  1. As I sit in front of my laptop in office, my mind toying long with a stray thought which has traversed my nerves up and down since morning, I go through this. And by the time I reach that smiley, my eyes are brimming with tears.
    What could i say!?
    I just feel like hugging this cuteheart and wailing out happy tears. All I do is gulp down that happy lump in my throat, control the urge of showing this to my family, and smile and just revel in the sensation of that unnerving thought leave my existence.
    Words… Words are most precious to me. And very few people realise this. You my dear. You are one of the very few who realise it. You make me feel so worthwhile. You assure me that this day has not been meaningless.You are my strength and inspiration too in so many ways.
    Micro Fiction might not be up and running now. But it has given me lot of precious gifts. One such is a precious friend like you.
    Tell you a secret, your voice and words echo in my head whenever I am down. It helps me lift up. And soon time will come when I will tell you how you helped me meet life.
    Pray that happens soon. I promise you, I will fight. I will fight and will not give up. I love you. *hugs*
    This will always always always be too precious for me. And you too.

    • I am crying happy tears too after reading this. Know that you are very special to me. Celebrate this day for YOU & for ME. *tight hugs & wet kisses* 😀 😀 😀

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