The Last One (For Chandler Bing)

Friends is one of my top favourite series ever. Though it debuted in 1994, I came across it much later in life.

Friends is my comfort watch. Whenever I feel low and gloomy, I resort to binge watch the series. It never fails to make me laugh.

I have always been in love with Chandler Bing. It is one of the best characters ever created and it was created just for Matthew Perry.

If Mr. Darcy from the book world gave goals for having a partner like him, from the TV world it was Chandler Bing. So handsome, with those beautiful eyes, what a crazy sense of humour and such a loving and caring person! Even though I love Rachel, it was Mondler I shipped!

For me Perry and Bing have never been different and if you read his memoirs, you will know how similar they were.

Except he was so much in pain and lonely and he never found his Monica.

I thought his life was on track now. Writing his experiences must have been cathartic for him.

I prayed fervently that he finds love just like Chandler did in Monica.

But that wish will never be fulfilled now.

My heart is full of pain for him. I don’t know what happened. Was he suffering and took an easy way out? Or was it an accident? Did he relapse? Did he really suffer from a cardiac arrest? Is it a bad time to remember how much he loved drawing a bath in Friends?

He deserved a much better life but sadly he didn’t give himself a chance.

Hope you finally rest in peace, Perry! Thank you for all the laughs and wonderful memories. Thank you for being so amazing!

You will always be loved. Always! <3

Your thoughts please? :)