I am not poetry

I am not poetry.

I am not a leaf to curl and tremble
I am not the pretty flower you want me to resemble
I am neither the star to shine and sparkle
I am not honey nor a cookie to crumble
I am not poetry.

I am a storm which makes dust fly
I am the spice which makes people cry
I am a thorn which will prick your eye
I am a scorn you won’t forget even if you try
I am not the calm, I am the chaos you don’t want to pry

I am not poetry.


This is not written by me but it seems this was written for me. Each & every word. Nothing could be better for my 200th post ^_^

She didn’t belong anywhere and she never really belonged to anyone.

And everyone else belonged somewhere and to someone.

People thought she was too wonderful.

But she only wanted to belong to someone.

People always thought she was too wonderful to belong to them

or that something too wonderful would hurt too much to lose.

And that’s why she liked him– because he just thought she was crazy.”

C. JoyBell C.


❤ pink sugar dust

sprinkled on the white frosting

you brighten my life just like that

❤ a sturdy umbrella

saving me from the rains

your arms give me that warmth

❤ it warms my heart

awakens me from the slumber

your love just like coffee

❤ one by one they all left

they had their busy lives to attend to

but I stayed coz you were the only life I had

❤ In this dark night

I am walking home alone

for the hope that one day I will find you waiting for me

❤ One day we will talk and talk and talk

till we get exhausted

on that day silence will find a new meaning

❤ I have stopped feeling jealous

Coz I have realised you are all mine

and one day we are gonna be together forever


In You In Me!

They are just scribbling on paper sometimes..

Sometimes they are neatly typed..

They are like a breeze in summer time..

I write when I feel like..

I will never be sure when inspiration will visit me!

My words are not that awesome..

They will not make you fall in love..

My words are not revolutionary..

They will not make you change the world..

My words are not healing..

They will not bring peace to you..

But my words are definitely honest..

They are a part of me..

And when you read them sweetheart..

I will be part of thee!



Kucchh aur baat hoti..


A conversation in the form of couplets with @romeomustdiee ^_^

Kucchh Aur Baat Hoti..

तेरी रहगुज़र से जाते, तो कुछ और बात होती

तेरे ख्वाबों में आते तो कुछ और बात होती

वो नक़ाब खुद उठाते, तो कुछ और बात होती

वो हंसके हमें मनाते तो कुछ और बात होती

वो निगाह से पिलाते, तो कुछ और बात होती

वोह साथ चलते चलते हाथ थाम लेते तो कुछ और बात होती||

Dil Ki Dastaan..

कुछ तो मज़बूरियाँ रही होंगी, यूँ ही कोई बेवफा नहीं होता

ये कहकर वो चले गए पर दिल का दर्द है जो दफा नहीं होता..

दिल-ए नादां तुझे हुआ क्या है / अख़िर इस दर्द की दवा क्या है

दिल का है ये शौक पुराना.. मर्ज़ खुद ही है और पूछता है दवा क्या है||


Unveiling the Mask

When you are around, my heart is in flutters, yet I pretend I haven’t noticed you.

When you are afar, I pretend I don’t miss you.

When you talk to someone else, I wish it was me you were talking to.

When you shower attention to them, I wish I was the one basking in the warmth.

When you talk about them, I pretend you are talking about me.

When you sing, I want your song to be about me.

When you smile, I want to be the reason.

When you write, I want to be your words.

When you love, I want me to be in your heart.

I don’t want to pretend anymore.

I don’t want to hope anymore.

I don’t want to wish anymore.

I want you to look in my eyes & see it brimmed with love for you.

I want to unveil the mask & be yours forever.

Woman removing mask

Coz you are not here anymore..


There was one day when you were so near, near like a heart beat..

You could listen to the silence in my voice..

You could see the sadness in my laughter..

You could feel the love in my heart..

Now you have gone far..so far away..

You can’t listen to the sadness in my voice..

You can’t see tears rolling down my cheeks..

You can’t feel the sighs of my heart..

Why O Why We had to be apart???



Dusk & Dawn are two beautiful moments of the day..

The sky is not completely dark nor completely lit up..

It is somewhere in between..still it is not same everyday..

There are so many different hues to it..

Its pink sometimes, sometimes its orange..

It looks like spitting fire sometimes and

sometimes it is soothing blue as if holding water in its arms!

छलावा …


हवा थमी सी थी वक़्त ठहरा हुआ था
मैं चल रही थी अनजानी राह पर
कुछ भी तो नहीं था पास
कोई भी तो नहीं था साथ!
सोचती थी क्या ऐसा ही रहेगा हमेशा?
अचानक ली वक़्त ने करवट
और एक तूफ़ान आया..
हवा ज़ोरों से चली मुझे अपने संग लिए…
इस आंधी से उठी एक ख़ुशी की लहर..
सोचने लगी में ये के बदल गए हालात..
अब कुछ तो था पास, कोई तो था साथ!
अचानक हवा थम गयी और रुक गए मेरे कदम..
बादल छंटे तो देखा वक़्त वहीँ थमा है..
सारा आलम वहीँ था..कुछ भी नहीं था पास, कोई भी नहीं था साथ!
और अब जान गयी हूँ मैं ऐसा ही रहेगा हमेशा!!!

पतझड़ !


पेड़ की किस्मत है ये

पतझड़ आने पर

पत्ते भी साथ छोड़ देते हैं…

और बहार आने पर पास आते हैं..

पेड़ की है सिर्फ यही ख्वाहिश..

एक पत्ता तो ऐसा हो

जो पतझड़ में भी साथ निभाए!!!



मंजिल की तरफ चल पड़े हैं

राह अकेली है अनजानी है

अकेले कटता नहीं सफ़र

एक हमसफ़र की तलाश है

कड़ी धुप में जो छाँव दे

उस बदल की तलाश है

नज़रें ढूंढती हैं उसे चारों तरफ

क्या उसे भी मेरी तलाश है?


Darkness engulfed her, There was no hope of light..

Days passed, then months, then years, But nothing seemed to be right.

Seasons change they say, And night turns into day..

Autumn turned into spring, And sun was shining on the hay.

She turned towards the sun, And it glowed on her face..

She soaked the brightness, There was no hurry, no race.

Gleaming with happiness, Brimming with Joy..

Astounded by the change, She felt a bit coy.

Scared she was, for seasons would change..

Sun promised not to leave & turned a bit orange.

Both were happy, Both comforted..

They would be together & not deserted.

Little did they knew of the looming eclipse..

The sun turned away at the first glimpse,

For her it was doom, an apocalyse.



Love in the time of Monsoon!


The tear drops spilled out of the almond eyes,

The scorching heat dried them up.

Still the stain on the cheeks betrayed her lies,

The mascara streaks couldn’t cover them up.

She longed for the monsoon & the heavenly rains,

The rains which would not be like the flowing stream,

The rains which would pour like a glowing dream.

These rains would let her cry & hide her tears,

These rains would drench her dreams & her fears.

And then the day arrived which would fulfill her wish,

The clouds burst, frogs croaked & peacocks spread their feathers,

The trees waved & earth with its green cloak looked quite a dish.

She got drenched to the core & cried with the rains,

And didn’t notice him watching her quietly behind the curtains.

Her tears soaked something inside of him,

He went & hugged her on a whim.

He turned out to be her knight in shining armour,

And she his muse, his princess & his amour!!!


It is Time!

It is time to break free from the womb of your comfort zone..

It is time to forget your past..

It is time to not to think of future..

It is time to live in the present..

To savour new taste, take in new smells,

To feel new emotions, sense new touches,

To see new sights..

To walk in the new world with baby steps till you are able to fly..

It is time to be that child again..



Walking & Talking, Walking & Talking till we reached the end of road…

Interesting conversations sometimes, sometimes you just croaked like a toad..

The greens smiled with us, The blues just envied..

I would play pranks while you got livid..

The rain showers drenched us but your love drenched me more..

Seeing you with some one else was just an eye sore..

Every moment spent with you was Utopia..

Now I am left with just nostalgia!


Material Girl???

Chandelier Earrings dangled,
Where once sweet  nothings tingled..
Kohl filled eyes hid the sadness of the byes..
Lip Gloss shined leaving the memories of wet kisses behind..
Who missed the warm hug?
She had this jacket cosy & snug..
True there was no walking hand in hand,
She had fancy boots where once there was sand..
In the eyes of the world,
She was a Material Girl..
But she knew in her heart,
She was really a Lonely Girl!


Do You Remember Me?

My first poem, which I did not tear up 🙂
Do you Remember
The Rain without season?
Do you Remember
The Kiss without reason?
Do you Remember
The waiting for your call?
Do you Remember
The time when I had a fall?
Do you Remember
The moments we shared?
Do you Remember
How much you cared?
Do you Remember
Stolen moments to be with each other?
Do you Remember
Being Interrupted by my mother?
Do you Remember
The walk in the light of moon?
Do you Remember
The walk in the blazing noon?
Do you Remember
Loving Me?
Do you Remember
Hurting Me?