Unveiling the Mask

When you are around, my heart is in flutters, yet I pretend I haven’t noticed you.

When you are afar, I pretend I don’t miss you.

When you talk to someone else, I wish it was me you were talking to.

When you shower attention to them, I wish I was the one basking in the warmth.

When you talk about them, I pretend you are talking about me.

When you sing, I want your song to be about me.

When you smile, I want to be the reason.

When you write, I want to be your words.

When you love, I want me to be in your heart.

I don’t want to pretend anymore.

I don’t want to hope anymore.

I don’t want to wish anymore.

I want you to look in my eyes & see it brimmed with love for you.

I want to unveil the mask & be yours forever.

Woman removing mask

4 thoughts on “Unveiling the Mask

  1. And I desire for you to be the one
    to unmask me
    to unveil my love
    so you yourself see
    what lies beneath
    is a soul that purely yours.

    lovely composition laddoo. Totally loved it.
    The choice of the pic is also superb.

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