Meet Mirchi & Laddoo!


Mirchi was whistling going down the road where she saw a big Laddoo lying bruised & battered.

She woke him up & shook the dust & gathered his belongings which had scattered!

She asked what’s the matter? He said I spread my sweetness like a dosa batter.

People ran after me trying to gobble me up. Wherever I went they went slurp slurp slurp.

You saved my life, I was about to die & wait for the lord to cast a new dye!

Mirchi said to Laddoo worry you not, now I will be with you like I & its dot!

Spread your sweetness & risk no harm, I will protect you & be your lucky charm!

Since then friends, Laddoo is spreading sweetness all around & Mirchi is adding spice to his world!!!