Laddoo’s Corner!!!

Laddoo is a sweet person. Life excites laddoo!

Laddoo sees the world through rose tinted glasses!

But Laddoo doesn’t understand why her friends are always sad.

Laddoo doesn’t understand why they don’t see the world as she does.

Mirchi said, “Laddoo, World is full of cynicism & pessimism!”

But don’t we need to balance it with cheer & optimism? Won’t the world tilt to one side? Laddoo asked.

Why don’t you do that? Mirchi asked back.

Since then, Laddoo is trying to sell cheer & optimism at her Laddoo Corner!!!

Come, have a glimpse đŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Laddoo’s Corner!!!

  1. kesarsinh khona says:

    kab tu itani badi ho gai ,palak zapakte ek saal beet gaya ek saal manze kuchh nahi aur bahut kuchh. pani ka kya mole infinity so it is time to grow in all axis all directions

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