Forget Me Not

They tricked destiny for a chance dalliance. But soon they had to part ways. He was not strong enough to stay, she was not weak enough to ask him to.

Years passed by. Both wondered. Does he/she think about me? Does he/she misses me? Does something triggers his/her memory and brings on a sweet but sharp pain in the heart?

And then they realised, of course. The love that they shared could not be so easily forgotten. They were not brought together due to some tragedy or need of the hour. They were attracted to each other only because of their own selves. With each moment of togetherness, they had planted a little bit of their own being into the other.

They would live forever in each other. The songs, the nicknames, the food, the spices, the laughter and the tears, the fights and the love would always make them miss  like one misses a lost limb. And the sweet,  sharp pain in the heart? That was theirs too forever!! 

One more chance

What is born, dies one day. Be it living beings or relationships.

There are numerous quotes, philosophies and books on the cycle of life and death.

It is said that the most surprising thing about human beings is that they live like they will never die. Human beings also live like their loved ones are not going to die either. In this process, we take everyone for granted. And one day, death calls them, to make them it’s own. And when they leave, we are left wanting. Wanting one more chance.

One more chance to meet them

One more chance to hug them

One more chance to talk to them

One more chance to love them

But there would be no more chances. They have gone. Leaving a huge void in our heart, in our life. Every death brings us a lesson to value the living more but we value it only till the pyre burns (श्मशान वैराग्य we call it). For once, maybe we will learn the lesson better. Don’t wait for death to realise the value of your loved ones.

Love is all we need

All we need is love right? If we love each other, we can overcome all difficulties, all problems, all crisis, right didi? she asked with wonder in her beautiful eyes.

Didi would know. After all she had married for love, inspite of jiju not being so rich, not fulfilling their parents criteria of a perfect husband.

Her didi looked at her, started saying something and stopped herself. She is young right now. She looks at the world with rosy eyes. In some years, life will teach her that love is not that pink she imagines it to be. Love is not the answer to everything. Just like it taught her.

She was crazy about him and had the same views about love as her baby sister. He was still struggling and getting by. Marrying him would mean sacrificing all the luxuries of life she was used to. Yet, it did not stop her. Love will take care of everything, she thought. And it did initially. As years passed by, life started becoming mundane. There was space for everything but love. The face he used to praise to the moon had started becoming boring for him. There were subtle and not so subtle hints of another woman. There was no romance left in their life. Her thirst for intimacy had drawn her to another man’s arms.

Yes sweetie, she replied. All is required is love, she smiled and hugged her baby sister.

Perfect Marriage

She looked out the window as she stirred the curry. The sound of the basketball hitting the ground was like music to her ears. Her son had inherited her love for the game and it was a bliss to watch father and son bond like this. Her efforts had paid off finally!

They were watching the NBA finals few months back and cheering on their favourite team. Her glance fell on the husband’s crestfallen face. She knew he was bothered about the growing distance between him and their son. She resolved she would do something about it. The ongoing game gave her an idea. When her husband was at work, she got the hoop installed in the verandah. A little nudge and a push was all it took and father and son started playing basketball regularly. They had started talking more and she could feel the happy vibes between them.

A loud thumping sound brought her back to the present. She watched the game and wish she could also play. She was a pretty good player in college, participating in national level tournaments. Marriage and a kid had changed everything for her though. With a wistful sigh, she continued with her cooking. The boys would be famished by now, she rightly thought.

He went to collect the ball which had fallen near the kitchen window. The aroma of the curry filled his nose. He looked at his wife and stared admiringly. She was lost in thoughts, unaware of someone staring at her.

Next Sunday after breakfast, husband announced: Today, I am going to cook lunch and you both will play basketball.

A huge smile spread on her face. This is what a perfect marriage was after all!


Being Cougar. Not.

A 42 year old man marries a 32 year old woman. A 34 year old man marries a 23 year old girl. Apart from child-cradle-snatching jokes, nothing happens. This is considered to be very normal after all.

Now consider the reverse – a 40 year old woman marries a 30 year old man. How would you react? I will tell you. They would say she wants to be Madonna. She would be termed as a Cougar & other nasty words.

Why nasty, you ask. Well Madonna dates younger boys for flings not for a healthy relationship. Cougars are supposed to be predators. Do they have similar word for a man? No.

They say women mature early & hence they want to have a relationship with older man. Let’s assume this to be true for a moment. It might be true in general but what about exceptions? Why can’t a guy be more mature than a woman older than him?

I am not buying that argument though. Why anyone wants to be in a relationship with someone is purely based on how someone connects with someone. Maturity / similarities / dissimilarities do not matter. Don’t we see so many apparently mis-matched couples? If society had a way, they would have never paired up.

My neighbour is way shorter than his wife. I have never seen them feeling awkward while walking together on the street. A woman co traveller in a Mumbai local is very fat & tall. Her husband is very thin. My college friend married a guy who drives auto for living. I can go on and on. All these are of course examples of happy marriages.

The best example is of my rakhi brother. My brother is not much educated, was a mere salesman in a shop when he met my sister in law & has a very dark complexion. The woman he fell in love and married to is fair & beautiful, graduate & from a well to do family and hold your breath! 5 years elder to him! I have been witness to their relationship right from the beginning. And know for a fact that they are still very much in love and living a very happy life. It won’t be wrong to say that their story inspires me. They have taught me that when there is true love, nothing else matters and you can fight all the hurdles if you want to be together.

I am not saying that these kind of marriages / relationships would be always successful. But can we guarantee success of all society approved relationships?

Also, when you restrict older women dating younger men, you restrict their scope of dating to a miniscule number. Young guys are supposed to date only young girls / women and guys their age are also interested in younger women mostly.

Why not give everyone a freedom to date / marry whoever they want without judging them?

Dear women, who are older than the guys you like, don’t let other people’s opinions shadow your happiness. Remember, age is just a number. One life, live fully, love unabashedly 😉



A Modern Day Fairy Tale

Truth is stranger than fiction they say. And sometimes truth matches so much with fiction that it amazes you.

Manasi was 10 year old when her parents died in a car accident. She was an only child. Her father’s kins were not very keen to take her to their home. They asked her mother’s brother to take her responsibility in exchange of a fat sum.

Her life was not very different than Cinderella after that. She was treated as a maid, beaten & abused at the drop of a hat. Only solace was they had continued her schooling. She was timid by nature & the shock of her parent’s death had made her further drawn into a shell. This went on till she was 16 year old. After she finished her schooling, she thought she would join a college, get a job & be free of this life. But alas, it was not to be. Her maternal uncle & aunt didn’t allow her to join college. She was barred from further studies. She cried her heart out for couple of days but then accepted her fate.

Years passed. She was now 19, an adult, but her life had only worsened. Her once shining eyes had now turned blank. She had no hope, no dreams left. She was scared to run away. The thought of wolves outside her home, if she could call it her home, deterred her.

Today was probably the worst day of her life. She had mistakenly put a bit extra salt in the curry & her aunt had burnt her face with the hot pan. She ran into the back yard & started sobbing. Her tears did not go un witnessed though. Harsh, 14 year old son of their neighbours got a glimpse of her from their window. There was something about her sobbing which touched Harsh’s tender heart. He had heard stories about misfortunes of Manasi whenever his mom gossiped with other neighbours. Today he saw how bad it was. He looked again at the tender face of Manasi & took a pledge there & then.

It was 7 years after the incident. Harsh was 21, a hopeful engineering student. Manasi was 26, still being abused by her relatives. Harsh, meanwhile, had become her good friend. He used to share food with her, cheer her up when she was low & always tried to build her confidence. He used to get her good books to read as he knew Manasi was fond of reading. Harsh was the balm for her painful wounds.

Harsh had been selected for a top IT company during the campus interview. The day had come to fulfill his pledge. He rushed home. He wanted an opportunity to talk to Manasi. As usual she was waiting for him in the verandah. He jumped from the wall of his house to meet Manasi. Today was not the usual chit chatting day though. He took Manasi’s hand in his hand and told her that he was in love with her since the last 7 years. He wanted to share his life with her. He asked her if she would do the honour of becoming his life partner.

Manasi was shocked. She would have never dreamt about such a thing! She tried to resist him. But he was as determined as the day he had taken a pledge that he would rescue Manasi from the clutches of her evil relatives.

Harsh had not only to fight his parents but also Manasi’s own insecurities & her apprehensions about their differences. He fought singlehandedly & emerged a winner. They both were disowned by their own families in the process.

Today, they both have created their own family and they lead a happy life together. Manasi thinks she was lucky to have Harsh to rescue her from hell while Harsh thinks it was due to Manasi he got a purpose in life.

I am privileged to know both these beautiful people. Their story inspires a hope. A hope that, true love, conquers everything. And you can find a fairy tale in the midst of an ordinary life. ❤


MY BFF Devil!

I love meeting people & making friends. But I have rarely found girls / women whom I can call my BFF!

The one I am talking about, calls herself devil but she is far from being one.

She asked me to list down her nice qualities & here is the surprise for her 😉

❤ She is an amazing daughter, sister, wife & mother but best of all she is a truly amazing friend! (She removed someone from her life just because they were being mean to me)

❤  She is pretty but she never boasts about it. She is not vain that way

❤ She makes my life interesting & fun in more than one ways! (You would totally enjoy her fun repartees & cute pics she shares of ghosts & demons)

❤ She makes me feel comfortable enough to share everything. (Her whatsapp must be overloaded with my whining & pining about my crush)

❤ She doesn’t tolerate nonsense & isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade (She isn’t gonna make a good poker player)

❤ She gives practical advices (too practical sometimes, but that’s ok)

❤ She is a good listener (but you have o tell her, don’t judge, just listen)

❤ She is one of the rare genuine people who don’t fake feelings (I wish sometimes she was a bit emotional though 😉 )

❤ She is trustworthy & dependable (She can keep secrets)

❤ She has immense patience (I left 100 messages for her once & she read all of them)

❤  She is someone I would gladly take a bullet for! (Sorry for stealing your line but hey jo tera hai wo mera hai, right? )

I love you Devil so so much! And I am grateful to have you in my life! You are my much needed pillar of strength! I don’t know what I would do without you! I wish I had met you sooner.. my life would have definitely been different! Thank you for being there & hope you be there forever!!


Dreams of Sunshine and Rains

It was the 100th time she was trying Rohit’s phone & it was still unavailable. His assistant had no idea where he had gone to after work. She couldn’t believe Rohit would do this on their anniversary. Anniversary of the first time they had met. The date was etched on her heart forever. 10th June. They both loved rains & it always amazed them that destiny had chosen that particular evening for them to meet.

The city was caught by surprise with the sudden rains. It was pouring cats & dogs & there was no auto-rickshaw in sight. On top of that she wasn’t even carrying an umbrella. The love for rains had temporarily been replaced by the worry of how she would reach home. As she stood there thinking, a car halted in front of her. A guy popped his head out of the window & asked if she needed a lift. She was horrified at the thought. Lift from a stranger? She straight away said no. He nodded his head and drove away.

She started walking towards her home hoping she might get some transport on the way.

It had started raining as soon as he left office. Thank God he never forgot to carry an umbrella as soon as June approached. A habit, which had helped him, to meet Madhavi 10 years back. He still remembered the day vividly. As if it happened yesterday. He was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus, when it started pouring heavily. He saw people scampering around in search for transport or shelter. The sudden rains had caught everyone unawares. After a while, as the crowd dispersed, he saw a girl still standing in the middle of the road. She was completely drenched & looked lost. Her innocent face pulled a tug in his heart & he felt like helping her out. It seemed he was not the only one though. A car approached her & the driver started talking to her. She knew the driver perhaps. He knew he should avert his eyes, but he wanted to keep looking at her. He breathed a sigh of relief when the car drove off without taking her. But then she started walking away. His heart said no no no no.. you can’t go so soon! I don’t even know how to find you again! And he rushed towards her.

Excuse me, she heard someone speaking to her. She looked up and saw a handsome looking guy with the nicest eyes she had ever seen. He was asking if she needed the umbrella. Somehow she felt like trusting him. She refused saying she was already drenched. The guy looked disappointed. And she didn’t like it! This was so unlike her! He then asked her which way she was going & if she liked he could walk with her as it wasn’t safe to go alone. She nodded her head and started walking again. It was a long walk & talking was the only option to make the journey less tiresome. They didn’t know then but they had fallen in love with each other by the end of the journey.

That was then & this is now. She sighed. Rohit had changed after all. Since some days he had started working late, grabbing his phone if she went anywhere near it & today was the limit. There was no sign of him anywhere! She started thinking all sorts of things that could have happened & started feeling uneasy.

As if on cue, the door bell started ringing. She hoped it was Rohit & was ready to blast him with curses. As soon as she opened the door, she saw an open umbrella, with the collage of all pictures they had taken over the year on 10th June. She couldn’t help smiling. She took the umbrella from his hand & kept it aside & embraced Rohit with the tightest hug possible.

The sun awoke her from sleep & she looked outside the window. It had rained last night. The entire night actually. And right now the sun was shining brightest. Just like their love.

Future Perfect!

She was returning to her city after 15 years and was amazed at the changes in the landscape. Tall buildings had replaced tall trees, gardens had been replaced by malls. Everything was shiny & bright but the simplicity and innocence seemed to be replaced by a strange uneasiness.

Sudden halt of the car brought her back from her reverie. After inspection, the driver told her that the car had broken down and would require some time to fix it. The journey from the airport to her parents house was already tedious & the thought of spending more time on the road made her scowl. She looked out of the window to know where they had reached. She moved out of the car & called up her mother to inform about the delay. As she was walking around, her eyes noticed a familiar sign. It looked like the same tea stall they used to frequent back in the golden days when she was still working in this city. She looked around and realised it was the same place. It had transformed so much that she had failed to recognise it. In those days, there was only one factory and couple of commercial buildings around. There was more green cover than now. The green cover was lost, replaced by buildings. The area had more options for food. Earlier there was only this one tea stall which catered to all types of people. She was amazed to be here in the same place on the same date she had been 15 years back.

She went to the tea stall and asked for a cutting tea. The tea stall owner was staring at her. Her clothes and demeanor didn’t gel with the rest of the crowd. She noticed the tea stall owner, or Anna, as they used to call him and gave him a smile. She enquired about him in the same style she used to. Looking at his puzzled face, she introduced herself & told him that she used to work in this area some years back. Anna recollected soon & they started chatting like old friends. She enquired about her old work place and her colleagues specially Mohan. He pointed to the new office & shared stories of people who had left and were still working here. Mohan was now at a big post but still came over for a cuppa!

Talking about Mohan made her remind of the time spent together. The fun at work, sharing of food & outings on Sundays all came back to her. She remembered how she had fallen in love with him and how nervous he used to make her. She had never hoped to have a chance with him as he always seemed to be surrounded by pretty women. On her last day she wanted to share her feelings with him but somehow words never reached her lips. She wondered what his personal life might be now. He would have married one of the beauties and would be father of adorable kids. She forgot all about her husband and kids and was consumed by the desire to meet him.

She informed the driver to wait for her as she was going to meet old friends and moved towards Mohan’s office. She hoped he also would be excited to meet her after all these years. When Mohan’s secretary informed him about who wanted to meet her, he rushed out of his cabin. He looked ecstatic and that made her happier!

They went to the office cafetaria and started chatting. Both seemed to have lots of questions for each other. She told her about her marriage, her shifting abroad and her kids. He talked about work and promotions and plans for future. She hesitatingly asked him about his family life, whether he was married. He was speechless for a moment and replied in negative. She was surprised and wanted to know the reason. He took a deep breath and looked into her eyes and said “I was in love with you but never found courage to tell you about my feelings” 

She was shocked to say the least and almost fainted. She could hear him call her name. His voice seemed to be coming from far. Suddenly she felt water being splashed on her face. She opened her eyes and blinked. Everything looked different. Gone was the cafetaria. She and Mohan were seated on a bench near the tea stall. She was again a carefree 27 year old. She realised she had been dreaming while Mohan had gone to fetch tea for both of them. Mohan asked her what had gone into her. She looked at him and decided this time she wouldn’t wait for 15 years to know what future she could have had. She told him that she loved him deeply and the thought of being away from him had made her emotional. She lowered her eyes afraid to know his reaction. He held her hand and lifted her chin and asked “what made you think I would let you go away from me?”

She smiled her brightest smile! She had done the right thing. She had made her future perfect!


He: I love you..

She: But?

He: My mom says no inter caste marriage

He: I love you..

She: But?

He: Marriage is not for me.

He: I love you..

She: But?

He: Mom says you are too old for me.

He: I am so much in love with you!

She: But?

He: But? You are so cynical! I love you unconditionally!

She: *rolls eyes* But?

He: We are not meant to be together

You see there is always a but when someone says I  love you to you.

But once in a lifetime you would get to hear I love you without any buts..

And the search continues..

October Fest!

Yes i had my own October Fest. No, it had nothing to do with beer. But I got high anyway. 🙂

I am totally in love with me & my life right now. And it is mostly because of the love people are showering on me and also because I am being made feel so special!

I am happiest but also little bit scared. But I am going to enjoy this phase anyway.

Maybe this is the gold at the end of the rainbow. Maybe this is the silver lining. Maybe my day has finally arrived!

A small note of thanks to God & to everyone around me who is making this happen. ^_^


❤ pink sugar dust

sprinkled on the white frosting

you brighten my life just like that

❤ a sturdy umbrella

saving me from the rains

your arms give me that warmth

❤ it warms my heart

awakens me from the slumber

your love just like coffee

❤ one by one they all left

they had their busy lives to attend to

but I stayed coz you were the only life I had

❤ In this dark night

I am walking home alone

for the hope that one day I will find you waiting for me

❤ One day we will talk and talk and talk

till we get exhausted

on that day silence will find a new meaning

❤ I have stopped feeling jealous

Coz I have realised you are all mine

and one day we are gonna be together forever


A rose for me, A rose for you!

She ordered for a Cappuccino just so that she could wait for some more time. It wasn’t unlike him to be late & she really needed to see him. She could see him rushing in through the door glancing around looking for her. He would give her one of his numerous excuses to be late, along with a bunch of roses. He knew that would always make her smile. He would hug her & say sorry in such a way that she couldn’t be angry at him anymore.

She glanced at her watch & called him up. His phone was switched off. It was getting late & she couldn’t wait any longer. She left the cafe feeling both sad & angry. Angry because he was not that interested in meeting her, sad for the same reason.

Only if she knew that was the last time she could hope to meet him, she would have never left the cafe. It was getting late & she couldn’t sit there any longer. She gave a deep sigh, caressed the bunch of roses she had left on his grave & walked towards the gate.

Once upon a time!

Once upon a time, a fairy tale was in the offing.

She was the girl next door. She was average, nothing special about her. She was told not to expect any fairy tales as fairy tales happen with princesses & not with ugly ducklings. She couldn’t blame them. No one had proved that wrong yet. She wouldn’t even know if there was anyone to prove them wrong. Citing her flaws, she would keep away from any probability of finding love.

He was a stud, a charmer, a heart breaking Casanova. He had no time for love & relationships. He thought they were waste of time. He didn’t believe in fairy tales. They were for kids. Some would say he was commitment phobic.

Until the day he met her.

She forgot her flaws. Nothing felt more right than being with him.

Being with her was the best thing that happened to him. He had never felt more at peace.

She realized we don’t look for perfect people, we look for people perfect for us.

He realized with the right person, labels don’t matter.

And when they are that special for someone, fairy tales do happen, even with ugly ducklings, even with non believers. ❤ ❤ ❤


The mountains, the sea, the world passing by..

I want to live my life with you nearby..

I want to see your forehead crinkle when sun shines on your face..

I want to gaze in your eyes & smile the brightest smile..

I want to share all my happy moments with you..

I want you to take away all my sadness..

I know there is no you..

But there is an idea of you..

I just wanna live in the world where I can imagine YOU!

If I could..

If I could..

I would hug you tight & kiss away all your pains..

If I could..

I would give you the sweetest smile to calm your nerves..

If I could..

I would hold your hands & walk along wherever you go..

If I could..

I would tell you how amazing you are..

If I could..

I would tell you how much I adore you..

If I could..

I would tell you that your silence hurts me..

If I could..

I would tell you I wish it was me you were looking for..

If I could..

I would dance with you in the rains..

If I could..

I would tell you that you are my strength and you my weakness..

If I could..

I would tell you that I want to be good enough for you..

If I could..

I would find the right words to win your heart!



Maybe it was not supposed to end this way..

Maybe you were supposed to tell me that you are crazily in love with me..

Maybe you were supposed to tell me that your life is empty without me..

Maybe I was supposed to tell you I feel the same..

Maybe you are still waiting for me like I do..

Maybe you will realise this some day..

Maybe then we will be together forever!

Waiting for Love..

It was easy for him to leave. After all he never made any promises. Why did his heart feel heavy? Why was he not able to sleep then?

He wanted to be carefree. Not to be entrusted with anyone’s hearts. Why couldn’t he break this one now?

He realised he was in love. He returned to the spot where he had left her. She loved him. She would be waiting. He knew that.

There was no sign of her. The rose bush had died. The trees were barren. There was snow all around. He kicked the snow in anger.

His foot hit something soft & the thing rolled gently. Curious & wanting to have something to do to forget about her, he started shoveling the snow with his bare hands. He was right. She was waiting. But her breath had left.


I have never known to love someone in a measured way. Be it my family, friends or anyone special.

If I love someone, I want to shower them with all my affection.

I am an exhibitionist. I don’t care what people think. I proclaim my love freely.

There is my problem.

Because I have learnt people don’t like that. People don’t want me to display my love.

Maybe because they don’t like being loved by me. Maybe they are ashamed of my love.

I don’t know the reason. But I want answers.

Why do you want to chain me? Why do you want to limit my love?

Why can’t you allow me to love you like I want?

Why do you care so much about people? And not me?

I pretend not to care most times. I give you all as much space as you want. But I am a mere human after all. No saint. It HURTS. Hurts like HELL.

There I said it.

Fall in Love! See the Magic!!

Feeling Down? Fall In Love!!! It will lift your spirits 🙂

This is my most favourite, self made quote.

When you are touched by love, everything seems beautiful & magical.

You are at the happiest, humming love songs & day dreaming.

There is a special glow on your face that makes you feel more beautiful & gets you more attention.

Life feels worthy of living every single moment.

But here’s the catch. You don’t have to fall in love with someone else to feel all this.

Once in a while you need to see your true self in the mirror & smile & fall in love with you!!


Of Promises & Love

She read all the chats with him once again..right from the time they had started knowing each other to the confessions of love to the promises of being together forever. She wished she could have recorded their phone conversations as well. Going through their conversations was visiting their time together. A time when both were happy in each other’s company. A time where nonsense & silly talks brought smiles to their faces.

Finally there was someone in her life who valued her for what she was. Someone who enjoyed her company. Someone who was there to listen to her day’s mundane happenings. Someone who she could rush to when something was bothering her. Someone she could demand to take her from this wretched place to a place where there was only love. In return she found someone to shower with love & attention. Someone to care for & cherish.

But as fate would have it the good times didn’t last. She never knew when the storm of separation hit them. When she wiped the dust off her eyes she saw her heart was empty again. He was gone. And so were the promises. Unfulfilled promises.

Her friends hated him. And hated her for not hating him. How can you not hate someone who broke your heart? Who broke the promises? They asked. They thought she was a fool for trusting someone so blindly.

She listened quietly to all their accusations. She wanted to say, yes my heart got broken, yes, the promises are unfulfilled. But it doesn’t mean he didn’t love me. It is just that his love was not strong enough to weather the storm.

Life has taught me, if someone doesn’t love you the way you want it, doesn’t mean they don’t love you at all.


What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

For a normal simple & shy girl like me, the most crazy thing would be waking up on the wrong side of the bed right?

When I started think of the craziest things i have done, by my standards, I have stopped thinking I am a sweet & simple girl 😉

Listing down some of the crazy things i have done:

1. Talking to complete strangers on the internet & befriending them.

2. Pillion riding on a bike, specially water bike

3. Singing in front of a crowd (Did get once more’s for that though 😉 )

4. Giving phone numbers to an almost stranger, without being asked

5. Walked from office to the nearby station (approx 5 kms) at midnight because I couldn’t get any vehicle (except lift offers from couple of bikers)

6. Running in rain without an umbrella just ‘coz I had to meet someone special

But the craziest of them of all was falling in love!! ♥ ♥ ♥


What about you? What’s the craziest thing you have done?

Secret Love


They said I can’t love you. They told me to forget it.

They don’t know Love is a free bird, you just can not cage it.

I will keep my love for you in the deep abyss of my heart.

Here we will be together. No one would dare to keep us apart.

Your love will make me smile. I will blame it on the children.

Your love will make me glow. I will blame it on the sunshine.

Your love will make me happy. I will blame it on the music.

Your love will be my secret. A secret no one will find.



4 Things that will tell me HE IS THE ONE!

We met, we fell in love, we dated & been together ever since.

How will I know if He is the prince in disguise of the frog or should I let him back in the water??

Here’s how:

1. The Big Mac Test: You have been out on dates, eating romantic dinners, where you have taken small morsels, eating elegantly. But when you are comfortable to eat a Big Mac (or Vada Pav in Mumbai) without him finding you any less sexy, He is the One.

big mac


2. The Jealousy Test: Girls tend to get jealous when their guys are talking to other girls. Both things perfectly normal. However, Guy will think the girl is crazy to get jealous. But when the guy knows I am getting jealous, smiles & kisses me for being so, He is the One.



3. The Fun Test: Usually girls don’t want guys to make fun of them. I would want to. Hell I am gonna give him lotsa opportunities to make fun of me. But!! When he is done laughing at my expense, he should come & hug me. If he does, He is the One.



4. The Hair Test: This is the ultimate one. Men have a tendency to leave their tiny hairs all around in the bathroom, once they are done showering. I find it extremely disgusting. If his hair doesn’t disgust me & I am cool to clean it up, He is the One.

And then I will hope I am the One for Him too <3



Unveiling the Mask

When you are around, my heart is in flutters, yet I pretend I haven’t noticed you.

When you are afar, I pretend I don’t miss you.

When you talk to someone else, I wish it was me you were talking to.

When you shower attention to them, I wish I was the one basking in the warmth.

When you talk about them, I pretend you are talking about me.

When you sing, I want your song to be about me.

When you smile, I want to be the reason.

When you write, I want to be your words.

When you love, I want me to be in your heart.

I don’t want to pretend anymore.

I don’t want to hope anymore.

I don’t want to wish anymore.

I want you to look in my eyes & see it brimmed with love for you.

I want to unveil the mask & be yours forever.

Woman removing mask