It is simple to be happy but it is really difficult to be simple. Right since childhood, we mar our happiness with our own thoughts and wants and keep searching for happiness. When our mind is happy, we can see beauty in our surroundings. If we are unhappy, we see dark clouds everywhere.

What is happiness though? Happiness is a positive and pleasant emotion ranging from satisfaction to immense joy. More often than not, it is triggered by outer circumstances like a compliment, winning / achieving something, beautiful surroundings. If happiness is triggered by outer circumstances, it usually is fleeting because as soon as the circumstances change, it will affect our mood as well.

So how can we make ourselves permanently happy? Let’s have a look at some tips that will help / guide you:

  1. Change the way you look at things – Look at the bright side – Train your mind to not delve into negative thoughts
  2. Be Solution centric rather than problem centric – If you focus on problems – your mind is bound – Free your mind – Remember, every problem, is an opportunity in disguise – this is my mantra for life – I remember when I was diagnosed as diabetic & I was having a session with a dietician. She was sorry that I got it at such a young age. I told her this was a chance for me to take care of my physical health which I was ignoring for so long!
  3. Music is one of the best things to uplift your mood – Make a playlist of songs that you love – I usually cheer up when I listen to peppy music
  4. Watch funny movies / shows / cartoons
  5. Meditate everyday
  6. Read something inspirational everyday
  7. Count your blessings – We always get lost in the thoughts of what we don’t have and take for granted what we do have – Practice Gratitude everyday
  8. Make a practical to do list – Striking even one off the list gives a sense of accomplishment
  9. Be kind to others – Help just because you want to & not because you will get something in return
  10. Pamper yourself, treat yourself. Take care of yourself. Do one thing everyday that you love. Don’t get caught in the web of busyness. Making time for yourself is very important
  11. Spend more time with happy and positive people
  12. Don’t whine – It makes others unhappy
  13. Chant 21 times – I choose to be happy
  14. Say your favourite word once a day
  15. SMILE – For no reason

Doable, isn’t it?

Be Happy, Stay Happy!

October Fest!

Yes i had my own October Fest. No, it had nothing to do with beer. But I got high anyway. 🙂

I am totally in love with me & my life right now. And it is mostly because of the love people are showering on me and also because I am being made feel so special!

I am happiest but also little bit scared. But I am going to enjoy this phase anyway.

Maybe this is the gold at the end of the rainbow. Maybe this is the silver lining. Maybe my day has finally arrived!

A small note of thanks to God & to everyone around me who is making this happen. ^_^

Smiling moments

To write something effortlessly is making me smile right now.

The sun-rays coming through the window that make my eyes look hazel is making me smile right now.

Watching one of my favourite shows is making me smile right now.

The chill of the Air Condition is making me smile right now.

The thought that you are missing me too is making me smile right now.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Small Joys!

Everyone is waiting for that big thing to be joyous & ecstatic. A promotion, wedding, baby, or even falling in love! ❤ 😀

In this process, however, we forget to cherish the small joys of life. We take them for granted even. When you are feeling low, just list them out & see how blessed you are!

❤ Being healthy

❤ To be able to sleep for 8 hours

❤ To be able to taste food without the guilt of getting fat / sick

❤ To get compliments for looking good, cooking, dressing up well, etc

❤ To get compliments without any reason

❤ To be wished good morning with a kiss from special someone

❤ To receive a good morning text from special someone

❤ To be in someone’s thoughts

❤ To be able to dance in the rain

❤ To feel sunshine on your face

❤ To be able to see flowers blooming

❤ To smell the sweet fragrance of flowers

❤ Satin bedsheets

❤ To fit into a dress you love

❤ To get kissies from babies

❤ When a baby smiles at you

❤ Gardening.. filling your hands with mud

❤ To give a street urchin chocolate & see his face beam with joy

❤ Receiving gifts without occasion

❤ Gifting something without occasion

❤ Morning Walks while listening to chirping of birds

❤ Evening walks while listening to music

❤ Gossiping with sister

❤ Learning Recipes from Mom

❤ Discussing politics & mythology with dad

❤ Listening stories from grand parents

❤ Watching your favourite show right in the middle of a busy week

❤ A stranger smiling at you

❤ Blowing bubbles

❤ Crushing bubbles on a bubble wrap

❤ Getting comments on your blog 😉

The list seems to be endless isn’t it? There are more things to be happy about then we know.

Do share your list 🙂

Have a happy day! 🙂 🙂 🙂


How to make happiness?

Sounds strange isn’t it? Make happiness? How is it possible?

Let me tell you it is possible. Yes, we can make our own happiness whenever we want. Of course you need some ingredients. But just like cooking, the ingredients won’t help alone. You need the right attitude. You need the urge to embrace happiness every moment of your life.

Happiness is after all not opposite of sadness. It is a feeling of being at peace with whatever life hands to you. And this, my friend, is not achieved in one day. You need years of practice. So what are you waiting for? Take the first step today!

✿ Look at the bright side of every thing

✿ Know that if there is a problem, there should be a solution. Not the one you want, but solution nonetheless

✿ Listen to music. Try out a few genres before you find the one that makes you happy

✿ Watch Funny movies / shows. Laugh a little. or A lot!

✿ Train your mind to think pleasant thoughts

✿ Look back at your achievements, however small they may be

✿ Appreciate / compliment someone

✿ Pamper yourself. If nothing else, just apply a new nail polish or eat something you haven’t tried yet

✿ Be in the company of happy people. Be a happy company yourself

✿ Stay calm

✿ Smile. A lot. 🙂 🙂 🙂

This list is not exhaustive. You can add your own ingredients 🙂

Fall in Love! See the Magic!!

Feeling Down? Fall In Love!!! It will lift your spirits 🙂

This is my most favourite, self made quote.

When you are touched by love, everything seems beautiful & magical.

You are at the happiest, humming love songs & day dreaming.

There is a special glow on your face that makes you feel more beautiful & gets you more attention.

Life feels worthy of living every single moment.

But here’s the catch. You don’t have to fall in love with someone else to feel all this.

Once in a while you need to see your true self in the mirror & smile & fall in love with you!!


Let us be Happy!

We all are so different from each other but one thing is common. We all seek happiness. We all want to be happy. More often than not we seek happiness from someone else. We think X or Y should do something to make us happy. But that is inviting blame games. That is escaping from our responsibilities. If we need to be happy, it is our responsibility that we do things that make us happy.

Let us not wait for others to make us happy.

Let us admire the beauties of nature & soak in its wonder.

Let us listen to our favourite music & hum the tunes.

Let us pet a kitten or puppy or a baby 😉

Let us indulge in luxurious showers 😀

Let us learn something new.

Let us try something different.

Let us savour all the various flavours life has to offer!

Let us change what we can & let go of the rest!

Let us strive to be the best we can be!

Let us make ourselves HAPPY!


The Sunshine Girl

The sun was shining on her face. Smiling at the sun through her window she opened her eyes slowly. There was music in her voice as she hummed, a spring in her step as she waltzed through the routine tasks for the day.

After finishing her chores she washed her mom & dressed her up. She transferred her carefully from the bed to the wheel chair & out she went for a stroll in the garden. Her cheerful morning greetings echoed & the grump on people’s faces turned into smiles.

The old florist observed her as she drove her mom away. She was not traditionally beautiful nor had the accomplishments like other girls but she did have something which not many people did. She was a giver & a cheerful giver at that. He prayed to the Lord to send more cheerful girls than pianists & harpists in the world.

Shall we say Amen?


PS: I had written this specially for @islejazz Thank you for inspiring me always.