The Sunshine Girl

The sun was shining on her face. Smiling at the sun through her window she opened her eyes slowly. There was music in her voice as she hummed, a spring in her step as she waltzed through the routine tasks for the day.

After finishing her chores she washed her mom & dressed her up. She transferred her carefully from the bed to the wheel chair & out she went for a stroll in the garden. Her cheerful morning greetings echoed & the grump on people’s faces turned into smiles.

The old florist observed her as she drove her mom away. She was not traditionally beautiful nor had the accomplishments like other girls but she did have something which not many people did. She was a giver & a cheerful giver at that. He prayed to the Lord to send more cheerful girls than pianists & harpists in the world.

Shall we say Amen?


PS: I had written this specially for @islejazz Thank you for inspiring me always.

4 thoughts on “The Sunshine Girl

  1. I didnt know you posted it here. I am glad you did it also I am sorry that I couldn’t go through with the plan due to certain personal and technological lags.

    This is such a beautiful story.

    • mirchiladdoo says:

      I was wondering what happened. I thought maybe you were to start a new series. Then thought maybe you just wanted it for yourself. I thought this story needs to be read by more people. To value cheerfulness. And I was in a mood to post something today so 🙂 Thanks for making me write this :*

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