Let us be Happy!

We all are so different from each other but one thing is common. We all seek happiness. We all want to be happy. More often than not we seek happiness from someone else. We think X or Y should do something to make us happy. But that is inviting blame games. That is escaping from our responsibilities. If we need to be happy, it is our responsibility that we do things that make us happy.

Let us not wait for others to make us happy.

Let us admire the beauties of nature & soak in its wonder.

Let us listen to our favourite music & hum the tunes.

Let us pet a kitten or puppy or a baby šŸ˜‰

Let us indulge in luxurious showers šŸ˜€

Let us learn something new.

Let us try something different.

Let us savour all the various flavours life has to offer!

Let us change what we can & let go of the rest!

Let us strive to be the best we can be!

Let us make ourselves HAPPY!


2 thoughts on “Let us be Happy!

  1. lovely… my pink sunshine is so aptly justifying her name. stay happy love. may you catch each and every tiny happiness that passes you, catch it and turn it into something magical to last a lifetime.

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