It is simple to be happy but it is really difficult to be simple. Right since childhood, we mar our happiness with our own thoughts and wants and keep searching for happiness. When our mind is happy, we can see beauty in our surroundings. If we are unhappy, we see dark clouds everywhere.

What is happiness though? Happiness is a positive and pleasant emotion ranging from satisfaction to immense joy. More often than not, it is triggered by outer circumstances like a compliment, winning / achieving something, beautiful surroundings. If happiness is triggered by outer circumstances, it usually is fleeting because as soon as the circumstances change, it will affect our mood as well.

So how can we make ourselves permanently happy? Let’s have a look at some tips that will help / guide you:

  1. Change the way you look at things – Look at the bright side – Train your mind to not delve into negative thoughts
  2. Be Solution centric rather than problem centric – If you focus on problems – your mind is bound – Free your mind – Remember, every problem, is an opportunity in disguise – this is my mantra for life – I remember when I was diagnosed as diabetic & I was having a session with a dietician. She was sorry that I got it at such a young age. I told her this was a chance for me to take care of my physical health which I was ignoring for so long!
  3. Music is one of the best things to uplift your mood – Make a playlist of songs that you love – I usually cheer up when I listen to peppy music
  4. Watch funny movies / shows / cartoons
  5. Meditate everyday
  6. Read something inspirational everyday
  7. Count your blessings – We always get lost in the thoughts of what we don’t have and take for granted what we do have – Practice Gratitude everyday
  8. Make a practical to do list – Striking even one off the list gives a sense of accomplishment
  9. Be kind to others – Help just because you want to & not because you will get something in return
  10. Pamper yourself, treat yourself. Take care of yourself. Do one thing everyday that you love. Don’t get caught in the web of busyness. Making time for yourself is very important
  11. Spend more time with happy and positive people
  12. Don’t whine – It makes others unhappy
  13. Chant 21 times – I choose to be happy
  14. Say your favourite word once a day
  15. SMILE – For no reason

Doable, isn’t it?

Be Happy, Stay Happy!

My Life Hacks!

Life Hacks are a cool term for life lessons / experiences. Life hacks are nothing but tricks you learn on the go to make your life bit easier! Sharing some of mine. Maybe they would be useful to you.

1. Make a to do list. We are bombarded with so many activities in our professional / personal life that we tend to forget certain things. After missing out on couple of important activities, I started making To Do Lists. Both for professional & personal life. I might procrastinate but I never forget ever. Apart from a handmade list & excel spreadsheet, I use Keep as I find it a very useful reminder app.

to do list

2. Learn to say No. Don’t be too nice. Learn to say no. Else you will end up with a To Do List longer than the Wall of China!


3. Ask questions. At the right time. How many times have you felt embarrassed to ask questions & then struggled to finish your work later? Ask & save yourself some time.


4. Read E Books. Reading paper books is always going to be better than e books but after all what matters? The words or the medium? E books are easy to carry. I have almost 1500 books stored in my mobile. With the help of a good app, I can read while travelling, while having lunch or coffee! Oh and they are space saving too!


5. Use Google to the optimum. I have learnt to Google for stuff perfectly which saves me so much time. You don’t know how much of free stuff is out there, because of some good Samaritans, which you can use freely!



What are your life hacks?