Smiling moments

To write something effortlessly is making me smile right now.

The sun-rays coming through the window that make my eyes look hazel is making me smile right now.

Watching one of my favourite shows is making me smile right now.

The chill of the Air Condition is making me smile right now.

The thought that you are missing me too is making me smile right now.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Small Joys!

Everyone is waiting for that big thing to be joyous & ecstatic. A promotion, wedding, baby, or even falling in love! ❤ 😀

In this process, however, we forget to cherish the small joys of life. We take them for granted even. When you are feeling low, just list them out & see how blessed you are!

❤ Being healthy

❤ To be able to sleep for 8 hours

❤ To be able to taste food without the guilt of getting fat / sick

❤ To get compliments for looking good, cooking, dressing up well, etc

❤ To get compliments without any reason

❤ To be wished good morning with a kiss from special someone

❤ To receive a good morning text from special someone

❤ To be in someone’s thoughts

❤ To be able to dance in the rain

❤ To feel sunshine on your face

❤ To be able to see flowers blooming

❤ To smell the sweet fragrance of flowers

❤ Satin bedsheets

❤ To fit into a dress you love

❤ To get kissies from babies

❤ When a baby smiles at you

❤ Gardening.. filling your hands with mud

❤ To give a street urchin chocolate & see his face beam with joy

❤ Receiving gifts without occasion

❤ Gifting something without occasion

❤ Morning Walks while listening to chirping of birds

❤ Evening walks while listening to music

❤ Gossiping with sister

❤ Learning Recipes from Mom

❤ Discussing politics & mythology with dad

❤ Listening stories from grand parents

❤ Watching your favourite show right in the middle of a busy week

❤ A stranger smiling at you

❤ Blowing bubbles

❤ Crushing bubbles on a bubble wrap

❤ Getting comments on your blog 😉

The list seems to be endless isn’t it? There are more things to be happy about then we know.

Do share your list 🙂

Have a happy day! 🙂 🙂 🙂