Of Promises & Love

She read all the chats with him once again..right from the time they had started knowing each other to the confessions of love to the promises of being together forever. She wished she could have recorded their phone conversations as well. Going through their conversations was visiting their time together. A time when both were happy in each other’s company. A time where nonsense & silly talks brought smiles to their faces.

Finally there was someone in her life who valued her for what she was. Someone who enjoyed her company. Someone who was there to listen to her day’s mundane happenings. Someone who she could rush to when something was bothering her. Someone she could demand to take her from this wretched place to a place where there was only love. In return she found someone to shower with love & attention. Someone to care for & cherish.

But as fate would have it the good times didn’t last. She never knew when the storm of separation hit them. When she wiped the dust off her eyes she saw her heart was empty again. He was gone. And so were the promises. Unfulfilled promises.

Her friends hated him. And hated her for not hating him. How can you not hate someone who broke your heart? Who broke the promises? They asked. They thought she was a fool for trusting someone so blindly.

She listened quietly to all their accusations. She wanted to say, yes my heart got broken, yes, the promises are unfulfilled. But it doesn’t mean he didn’t love me. It is just that his love was not strong enough to weather the storm.

Life has taught me, if someone doesn’t love you the way you want it, doesn’t mean they don’t love you at all.