4 Things that will tell me HE IS THE ONE!

We met, we fell in love, we dated & been together ever since.

How will I know if He is the prince in disguise of the frog or should I let him back in the water??

Here’s how:

1. The Big Mac Test: You have been out on dates, eating romantic dinners, where you have taken small morsels, eating elegantly. But when you are comfortable to eat a Big Mac (or Vada Pav in Mumbai) without him finding you any less sexy, He is the One.

big mac


2. The Jealousy Test: Girls tend to get jealous when their guys are talking to other girls. Both things perfectly normal. However, Guy will think the girl is crazy to get jealous. But when the guy knows I am getting jealous, smiles & kisses me for being so, He is the One.



3. The Fun Test: Usually girls don’t want guys to make fun of them. I would want to. Hell I am gonna give him lotsa opportunities to make fun of me. But!! When he is done laughing at my expense, he should come & hug me. If he does, He is the One.



4. The Hair Test: This is the ultimate one. Men have a tendency to leave their tiny hairs all around in the bathroom, once they are done showering. I find it extremely disgusting. If his hair doesn’t disgust me & I am cool to clean it up, He is the One.

And then I will hope I am the One for Him too <3