Friendship has no gender!

Some years back, this thought was very prevalent ” A man and a woman can never be friends” I do not know the origin of this quote, but movies like When Harry Met Sally & Maine Pyaar Kiya did have a huge hand in promoting it. The premise being there would always be sexual tension between a man and a woman and hence there would never be pure, platonic friendship.

I am sure this thought was promoted by a very sex hungry, pervert male, who could never see a woman as a human being but only as a sex object. It could also be promoted by pervert people who are gossip hungry.

It is very much possible for a man and woman to be “just” friends without having sexual desires for each other. There would be countless examples of it for sure.

While we are still absorbing the truth of this, someone came up with a new thought. A woman can never be friends with another woman. Reason? Women are jealous creatures and can not see well being of another woman. This is a man just being misogynistic and probably never been surrounded with women who are great friends with each other, women who understand what are the challenges of being a woman. As I often say, men and women are not a grain of cooked rice. You cannot generalise by the state of one grain.

And a woman has not only agreed but also quotes this thought as wise. Because it is easy to say you are jealous of me hence we can’t be friends rather than I don’t have female friends because I am a selfish bitch who thinks every woman in this world is out to steal my man.

Out of context, it is also said that a woman is the biggest enemy of a woman. Nope, when a woman is being assholish to another woman, there is a power play behind it and gender has nothing to do with it. A woman after all is a human being and she can have as many flaws as a man has and has no need to be a saint.

Point? Everybody can be friends with everybody. Unless you are an asshole. Also, a discord between two female friends does not mean there is no discord between friends of opposite gender. So stop the gender abuse. TYVM.

This post is dedicated to all the lovely female friends I have. You enrich my life!!

MY BFF Devil!

I love meeting people & making friends. But I have rarely found girls / women whom I can call my BFF!

The one I am talking about, calls herself devil but she is far from being one.

She asked me to list down her nice qualities & here is the surprise for her 😉

❤ She is an amazing daughter, sister, wife & mother but best of all she is a truly amazing friend! (She removed someone from her life just because they were being mean to me)

❤  She is pretty but she never boasts about it. She is not vain that way

❤ She makes my life interesting & fun in more than one ways! (You would totally enjoy her fun repartees & cute pics she shares of ghosts & demons)

❤ She makes me feel comfortable enough to share everything. (Her whatsapp must be overloaded with my whining & pining about my crush)

❤ She doesn’t tolerate nonsense & isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade (She isn’t gonna make a good poker player)

❤ She gives practical advices (too practical sometimes, but that’s ok)

❤ She is a good listener (but you have o tell her, don’t judge, just listen)

❤ She is one of the rare genuine people who don’t fake feelings (I wish sometimes she was a bit emotional though 😉 )

❤ She is trustworthy & dependable (She can keep secrets)

❤ She has immense patience (I left 100 messages for her once & she read all of them)

❤  She is someone I would gladly take a bullet for! (Sorry for stealing your line but hey jo tera hai wo mera hai, right? )

I love you Devil so so much! And I am grateful to have you in my life! You are my much needed pillar of strength! I don’t know what I would do without you! I wish I had met you sooner.. my life would have definitely been different! Thank you for being there & hope you be there forever!!


The Anchor of Friendship!


I love my friends..

For they remained with me when I was down..

Cheered me up, be it with one special word or hours of chatting though it hurt their fingers…

Told me I am a good egg when I thought I am bit cracked

Never made me feel like a fool which I had been..

And made me smile and laugh again!!!

U know who you are and I cherish our friendship and am grateful for it from the bottom of my heart!