I have never known to love someone in a measured way. Be it my family, friends or anyone special.

If I love someone, I want to shower them with all my affection.

I am an exhibitionist. I don’t care what people think. I proclaim my love freely.

There is my problem.

Because I have learnt people don’t like that. People don’t want me to display my love.

Maybe because they don’t like being loved by me. Maybe they are ashamed of my love.

I don’t know the reason. But I want answers.

Why do you want to chain me? Why do you want to limit my love?

Why can’t you allow me to love you like I want?

Why do you care so much about people? And not me?

I pretend not to care most times. I give you all as much space as you want. But I am a mere human after all. No saint. It HURTS. Hurts like HELL.

There I said it.