Love in the time of Monsoon!


The tear drops spilled out of the almond eyes,

The scorching heat dried them up.

Still the stain on the cheeks betrayed her lies,

The mascara streaks couldn’t cover them up.

She longed for the monsoon & the heavenly rains,

The rains which would not be like the flowing stream,

The rains which would pour like a glowing dream.

These rains would let her cry & hide her tears,

These rains would drench her dreams & her fears.

And then the day arrived which would fulfill her wish,

The clouds burst, frogs croaked & peacocks spread their feathers,

The trees waved & earth with its green cloak looked quite a dish.

She got drenched to the core & cried with the rains,

And didn’t notice him watching her quietly behind the curtains.

Her tears soaked something inside of him,

He went & hugged her on a whim.

He turned out to be her knight in shining armour,

And she his muse, his princess & his amour!!!


5 thoughts on “Love in the time of Monsoon!

  1. kesarsinh says:

    monsoon is aspecialevent in everyday life . it is soother after scorching heat of summer ,particularly in tropical reageons of the world. it brings me memory of child hood and sweetmemry of youth

    • mirchiladdoo says:

      Life is beautiful that way. Even in pain we can experience wonderful things, which otherwise would have got unnoticed, isn’t it?

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