Back to writing

I started blogging since 2010. Over the years I dabbled on various platforms, finally settling in my home at since 2012. I have not been a regular writer but I think up to December 2018 I used to write at least one post a month on an average.

The last post I wrote was in January 2019, setting goals for 2019! That’s two years, OMG!

The main reason was I got fairly busy at work, one of the reason was also that I am seriously contemplating & saving ideas for my book (which minus the procrastination I will write eventually!) but most & foremost I have been lazy & indulging in writing bits on Social media, including tiny book reviews on my bookstagram account – @bookdragonhaven

I want to change that this year. I want to be more serious about my writing. I want to sharpen my writing skills. And more than attending writing workshops, I think the more you practice writing, the better you get at it.

I will probably aim at writing at least 50 posts in 2021. If you want me to write on any specific topic, feel free to mention in the comments column. Criticism is much appreciated!

What happened to the goals of 2019, you may ask. A short update:

Run a Marathon – This I did & I will blog about it separately – I have so much to share!

Write More / Write A Book – Zilch / Nada

Travel – I did plan to visit more places in India & got a chance to visit a World Heritage City, Ahmedabad – I probably will blog about this too 😀

Solve Rubik’s cube – I bought a Rubik Cube in 2020 & I tried & I tried – Sadly couldn’t work it out completely. I will keep trying though. I know I can do it!

Entertainment – I read 202 books & managed to watch 100 movies too! I am happy with it 🙂

Top Posts 2017

One more year goes by and the regret of not writing as much as I should lingers. In 2017 I did have so much to write about. Well, here’s hoping 2018 is a much better year and also the year where I finally finish writing my book.

My top posts of 2017:

A Walk To Remember: A rainy July morning, two best friends and beautiful nature for company.         It will always be a walk to remember by!

❣ Will You Read My Book?: A fiction inspired by someone’s wish tweet. I hope it gets fulfilled some         day!

 Mourning: This was a much commented post. This one is so close to my heart!

 Wine in a Teacup: Based on a writing prompt. This was appreciated too by my tiny circle of                   readers.

❣ Delhi: An old fascination, an impromptu travel plan. Read about a Mumbai girl’s experiences in           the capital city!

❣ Closure: Have you ever waited for an apology and being forgiven instead? This phenomenon is           more common than I imagined. Fiction, based on a true experience.

❣ Panic Mode On: Written in the aftermath of the Elphinstone Road stampede.

❣ Game of Thrones: I was fascinated by Game of Thrones, the books as well as the series and then I read the Mughal series by Alex Rutherford. The similarities would blow your mind!

❣ Red Herring: I loved writing this. I think this is one of my most underrated posts.

Top Posts 2016

2016 has been a very disappointing year in many ways. Mostly I feel sad that I haven’t written as much as I should. However, there were certain posts which I liked, compiled here for reference.

Dress to Impress Yourself: A famous blogger / writer wrote about how fat people should not wear leggings, tight dresses, yada yada yada. This post presents a counter view.

The Forbidden Temple: Forcing entry for women in Shani Temple created quite a furore last year.

Goa – Beyond Partying, Boozing and Sea Food: Best part of 2016. A vacation with parents.

Call me Fat, Maybe?: After Vogue did a photo shoot with plus sized models, comments on twitter flew, pathetic to nasty.

Ebooks: The year I discovered the joys of e books! 😀 (Free free free)

Write Away: In May 2016, I ran a contest to encourage writing. Check out posts with the tag Write Away. The best & most liked was: A letter to my not-yet-adopted Baby

Spare Tampons Anyone?: Inspired by yet another debate on twitter 😉

No means No!: Yet another inspired post, this time by a movie.

Rent Free Space for your thoughts!

Writing is a great form of expression. Writing helps you relieve stress, makes you creative, opens up your imagination, improves your observation skills and you discover a new you!

Some people find it easy to write. Some people don’t. There could be various reasons for that.

They may:

✎ Not know how to put their thoughts into words

✎ Not sure if anyone would read what they write

✎ Never thought about it

✎ Don’t know what to write about

✎ Don’t want to create a blog

And so on!

Mirchi Laddoo Dot Com presents a platform for these reluctant writers in the form of a contest 🙂


✎ You can write about any topic you want

✎ Minimum 150 words, Maximum 3000

✎ Send in your entries latest by 7th May 2016 to [email protected]

✎ Do not copy anyone’s content. The writing should be original

So what are you waiting for?

Write-Away-logo-01-copy-2-324x324PS: There are surprise giveaways too!

In You In Me!

They are just scribbling on paper sometimes..

Sometimes they are neatly typed..

They are like a breeze in summer time..

I write when I feel like..

I will never be sure when inspiration will visit me!

My words are not that awesome..

They will not make you fall in love..

My words are not revolutionary..

They will not make you change the world..

My words are not healing..

They will not bring peace to you..

But my words are definitely honest..

They are a part of me..

And when you read them sweetheart..

I will be part of thee!



Fuelling My Passion!

Writing is socially acceptable form of being naked in public – Paulo Coelho
When I read this quote, I was dumbfounded! I always shied away from sharing my writings as I was not comfortable baring my thoughts or feelings..I used to think if someone reads this, what would they think? If I write something about love / pain would they think I have experienced it myself? I was not ready to answer anyone’s questions if they did! I wrote still but not about anything personal. I wrote for my office mags / on Facebook / blogs. But everything was about non-personal stuff most of the time. If I posted anything that would look personal, my inbox would be flooded with oh, what happened, etc.

After I read this quote, I was like if such a great author can feel this way, it was ok for me to feel the same!

It is time now to write about what I really want to write without having any inhibitions..It may not be liked by all…but I would love the freedom of having all the thoughts outside my mind onto my blogs / books / whatever medium.

‘Coz I have also learnt that when you put out all your thoughts on paper it reduces the intensity of your become more calm & are at peace with yourself.

I would be very happy to unleash my love / passion for writing & also sharing it with few people who are interested in my work.

So how did it all began?

It all started with my another passion, Reading! Ya right, If I do anything, it has to be passionately! I don’t know any other way to do it 🙂

Reading has always been like a passion for me since childhood. I have always been a voracious reader. It may be newspapers, comics, short stories, novellas or full fledge novels. I forget myself when i am reading.. I become one with the characters & feel their emotions empathetically. It takes me to places where I can not physically go..transporting me to a world of imagination. Reading has also fuelled my already active imagination! The next logical step for me was to then pour out all the imagination in the form of writing..

I used to write poetries, short essays & stories..but I immediately tore them up after writing..Apart from the reason above, I was also not sure whether I was a good writer or not..

Getting appreciated for whatever I have written till now has made me more comfortable with sharing my writings with public..

To cut a long story short, it is time to fuel my passion & drive it on the highway of imagination..If I get some friends along with me, cool!! If not, then Ekla Chalo Re!!!