Today – 5th October 2014

After a long time I am enjoying a relaxed weekend. Woke up early, played quiz up for a while. Tooth started troubling & the ache spread till the ear. Got up, took a painkiller & dozed off after a while. Plans of elaborate breakfast cancelled by default. If my tummy hadn’t rumbled, I wouldn’t have woken up until dad woke me to make tea & prepare breakfast 😛

Remembered the plan of not vegetating on weekend & waste precious minutes. Started downloading movies & songs of latest movies. Checked on bookmarks to read blogs / listen to recommended music. Was hooked to a diary of a girl who hates everything, pulled myself out in time. Didn’t want to get negative myself. Realised it was very peaceful to read blogs, listen to songs & not check on notifications except that quiz up was not connecting & I was getting very irritated due to this. I have collected most badges & next targets are to play 10000 games & win 10000 games as well. Time to get wifi connection probably. 3G is useless & i am just wasting my money. I am confused about which plan to get though.

9 months of 2014 have passed in a jiffy & only 87 days till 2014 ends. Today is the day to check the to do list & refresh it to make the most out of the rest of the year (talking about the resolutions here 🙂 ) I hope I am gonna get my passport in a month now the police verification has been done. Reading more books than ever, thanks to the e book collection  & eating on my own in the cafeteria. I am also happy with the number of blogs / fiction I have written this year. Will need to start working on my book. I feel fitter than before but still need to be less lazy. I know I can do it if I stop procrastinating all the time. My healer says it is because of the fungal infection I am suffering from which in itself stems from the resentments & regrets I am harbouring. As the healing progresses, I am sure of getting rid of all the negative beliefs & thoughts which are weighing me down. Probably will join a dancing class in November / December. I don’t want to dance like a diva but surely need to get rid of the left feet 😐 As far as baking goes, I have only managed to bake a cake from the ready mix. 🙁

I have not yet fulfilled all my resolutions for 2014 and i am already thinking what I want to do in 2015. That’s me being ambitious 😛 Anyhoo, it is time to tighten up the shoe laces and run faster than Usain Bolt to complete all the tasks before time flies. 😀


In You In Me!

They are just scribbling on paper sometimes..

Sometimes they are neatly typed..

They are like a breeze in summer time..

I write when I feel like..

I will never be sure when inspiration will visit me!

My words are not that awesome..

They will not make you fall in love..

My words are not revolutionary..

They will not make you change the world..

My words are not healing..

They will not bring peace to you..

But my words are definitely honest..

They are a part of me..

And when you read them sweetheart..

I will be part of thee!