Rent Free Space for your thoughts!

Writing is a great form of expression. Writing helps you relieve stress, makes you creative, opens up your imagination, improves your observation skills and you discover a new you!

Some people find it easy to write. Some people don’t. There could be various reasons for that.

They may:

✎ Not know how to put their thoughts into words

✎ Not sure if anyone would read what they write

✎ Never thought about it

✎ Don’t know what to write about

✎ Don’t want to create a blog

And so on!

Mirchi Laddoo Dot Com presents a platform for these reluctant writers in the form of a contest 🙂


✎ You can write about any topic you want

✎ Minimum 150 words, Maximum 3000

✎ Send in your entries latest by 7th May 2016 to [email protected]

✎ Do not copy anyone’s content. The writing should be original

So what are you waiting for?

Write-Away-logo-01-copy-2-324x324PS: There are surprise giveaways too!

Your thoughts please? :)