Lil Ms Catalyst!

In the journey of our life, we are not travelling alone. We keep meeting people old & new.

Some nice, some not so nice. Some inspire you and some who break you.

There are also some people who make you realise life wouldn’t be the same without thou.

They are the catalysts of our life.

They are not the silent spectators.

They push us towards our destiny.

They make us grow.

They make a dull sparkle turn into sunshine.

She is one of the catalyst of my life.

So much different yet so much alike.

She is the one I respect a lot.

She is the one I adore a lot.

On some days I feel like pulling her cheeks, on other I feel like hugging her tight.

On this day she was born. Not to be a mediocre being but to show others the light.

I wish for her today & forever that she realises all her dreams & puts up a hell lot of fight.

I love you @islejazz so so much!! Wish you a rocking birthday girl!! 😀

Birthday Everyday..


Shaina gave one last glance to everything – the house was decorated, the snacks & drinks were ready to be served, the cake was on the table with the cute teddy candles on it. The little guests were all excited & so was the birthday boy. She looked at him wistfully remembering the day he was born. How quick the kids grow, she thought! Only thing missing was the boy’s father, as usual stuck at work.

As the minutes ticked away, the kids got restless. There was no point in waiting any longer. She had to get the kids back to their home before 8. She asked Robbie to cut the cake. Robbie wanted to wait for his daddy but understood the appeal in his mom’s eyes. The birthday celebrations began with the cake cutting, playing games & ended up with the snacks & drinks being gorged on 🙂

Ray arrived just as she was cleaning up. She was ready to give him a showdown for his callous behaviour but she stopped herself. After all she had promised her son there would be no fights between mommy & daddy today, that’s the only birthday gift he wanted. She smiled at Ray and instead shared the happenings of the party. Ray was surprised but went with the flow. After many months, there was absolute peace in their household today.

Shaina went to Robbie’s room to check on him. She heard some sounds from inside the room. Curious, she quietly stood outside.

Robbie was saying, “God can I please have birthday everyday? Then Mom & Dad will never fight!!”