9/10/11 – An Unforgettable Day!!!

A chance glance at a blog on Mumbai by a blogger (http://www.bijoy-momaya.blogspot.in) connected three people to him. Me, my bestestest friend Jay (jkhona.wordpress.com) & Nivedita (http://heregoeznothing.blogspot.in/)

I was not much of a blogger back then but Nivedita was already an avid one. I loved her blogs & we connected on Facebook. All of us became quite good friends virtually & were curious to meet each other in real life 😉

And the magical date arrived. We all set out from our respective homes to Nariman Point, our favourite destination..

Jay was the first one to arrive. Me & Janak were the next party. Since Nikki was not so familiar with the area & since she already started late combined with the usual train delays (as all Mumbaikars will know 🙂 ) we were quite worried for her. We marched towards Churchgate station to pick her up in case she lost her way. Jay was having a ball, pointing at every girl saying this must be Nikki 😛

I called up Nikki & guided her towards us. Finally, we met! And she was just as amazing in real life as she was virtually. We talked & laughed all the way to Chowpatty. We all being foodies, it was must to have the world famous Chats, Kulfi & Icecream at Bachelors 🙂 The highlight of the evening was me having the green chilly ice cream at Bachelors. It was hottttt!!!!

Another highlight was capturing Jay on camera (He is quite shy & doesn’t liked to be clicked 😉 )

The day started with meeting of strangers & ending up as best of friends!!!

09/10/11 – You will always be a special date, an unforgettable day 🙂