Checking up on me!

It’s 4 month since we set our foot in 2014. This year is flying faster than my imagination!

It is time to check on myself. Check on my resolutions for 2014. Check if I have been following them diligently or being a lazy bum 😉

1. Getting a passport: Fail. Not even initiated the process. You just need to apply online sweetheart! Stop giving excuses!

2. Read / Write More: Good Job. Started reading again. Though there are books you need to complete before you start reading new ones. They are waiting for you! Good job in writing regularly too but Fail in April. Discipline discipline discipline! Have you heard the word? :-/

3. Be Fit not Fat: Pat on the back for that. Countless compliments, including mom show that you are on the right path. But you need to speed up the momentum. Check point 3 regarding discipline!

4. Dancing: Well, this was anyway planned for monsoon. So will wait till September to check on this.

5. Baking. Sigh. Not even cooker cake you tried to make. But at least you have started cooking again! Buck up girl!!!

6. Spend Less Save More: We both know that you are broke. Thanks to eating out a lot. STOP that. Save save save. Save for the coffee you want to have on the roadside cafe of Paris ^_^

7. Take it easy: Ok so mom is not home & you miss her. But you need to be strong! And also go easy on the compliments as well. Need not get high unnecessarily. We don’t need you to come crashing down!!


Over all, I would give myself 50% for following through my resolutions! Hopefully, by the end of the year I will make it to 100% 😀