Goals for 2019

In 2018, I had set only one goal for myself – To read 200 books. I also added one more, to watch 100 movies realising that inspite of the fact that I love movies as much as I love books, I don’t watch them so much.  I have achieved both the goals. They have also helped me in distracting me from some of the personal stuff I was going through.

Reading books & watching movies is not a difficult goal to achieve (at least for me). As I said in the mid-year post about books, if you love it, you’ll do it. Easy Peasy!

It is time to set some difficult goals this year, though.

  • Run a marathon – I have been inspired by people around me running marathons, specially my 60+ kaki. By the end of the year, I should be able to run a 21 km half marathon. Registering for a 4 KM walkathon is the beginning of it!
  • Write more – Writing has taken a back seat this year with all the reading. I am going to write more on my blog this year – 52 posts at least!
  • Writing Books – Not only I am going to writer more on my blog, but I am also going to work seriously on the books I want to write. 2020 should be the year of getting the books published
  • Travel – I want to experience lots of places in India and in the world but I realised that there are so many places I haven’t been to in Mumbai itself. This year, I would visit at least 50 places in and around Mumbai (some could be repeat)
  • Solve Rubik’s Cube – Let us check if I am smart enough to solve a Rubik’s cube puzzle
  • Entertainment – Read 200 books and Watch 100 movies
  • Have fun while doing all of the above!!!

I guess these are enough for one year! So, what about you? What are your goals for 2019???

The Year That Was.. The Year That Will Be!

The nightmare that December brought is finally over! This site is a home for my thoughts and it being invaded / blocked was such a distress! More distress that I could not write anything and didn’t know whether I would get this place back. Quite similar to your real home gutted by fire I guess.

It is so great to see that mirchiladdoo logo and the red jazzy mirchiladdoo page again (BRB Hugging the Laptop) 😀 😀

Apart from this incident, 2014 has been an AMAZING year, workwise or otherwise. This year was full of awards, accolades, reconnecting with family, amazing friends and most importantly love. 🙂

Resolution wise I am happy that I got my passport this year, read more books than ever, published more posts than ever, baked a cake & did lots of cooking 😉 I have also given two titles to myself this year. Selfie Queen (I think I click amazing selfies) and Rabdi Queen. (Please don’t disown me, ok?)

This year I need to carry forward the awesomeness of 2014. (And stop using the word awesome so much :p)

In 2015 I wish to:

1. Take care of my health big time.

2. Do more cooking and cook more dishes than I did in 2014.

3. Bake cakes and cupcakes from scratch.

4. Spend less money (Too much being spend on autos & eating out)

5. Better leave management (Travel was supposed to be on this year’s agenda but how do I do it without leaves in my kitty, right?)

That’s about it. No fancy things. Just simple basic rules to follow 🙂

Wish you a happy healthy & prosperous 2015! May you achieve everything this year that you wish to! 🙂

Checking up on me!

It’s 4 month since we set our foot in 2014. This year is flying faster than my imagination!

It is time to check on myself. Check on my resolutions for 2014. Check if I have been following them diligently or being a lazy bum 😉

1. Getting a passport: Fail. Not even initiated the process. You just need to apply online sweetheart! Stop giving excuses!

2. Read / Write More: Good Job. Started reading again. Though there are books you need to complete before you start reading new ones. They are waiting for you! Good job in writing regularly too but Fail in April. Discipline discipline discipline! Have you heard the word? :-/

3. Be Fit not Fat: Pat on the back for that. Countless compliments, including mom show that you are on the right path. But you need to speed up the momentum. Check point 3 regarding discipline!

4. Dancing: Well, this was anyway planned for monsoon. So will wait till September to check on this.

5. Baking. Sigh. Not even cooker cake you tried to make. But at least you have started cooking again! Buck up girl!!!

6. Spend Less Save More: We both know that you are broke. Thanks to eating out a lot. STOP that. Save save save. Save for the coffee you want to have on the roadside cafe of Paris ^_^

7. Take it easy: Ok so mom is not home & you miss her. But you need to be strong! And also go easy on the compliments as well. Need not get high unnecessarily. We don’t need you to come crashing down!!


Over all, I would give myself 50% for following through my resolutions! Hopefully, by the end of the year I will make it to 100% 😀


It’s that time of the year!

Come 1st January & the air is full with new year wishes, party spirit & wait for it – New Year Resolutions!!!

Though cynics try to mar the spirit by saying that why wait for new year? If you want to better your life, any day is good. These are the ones who say why celebrate special days they are as good as any other day. But I believe that beginning of new year symbolises turning a new leaf & is a great day to start something new in your life.

And whether you start improving your life today or on Monday or Birthday or on the 1st day of new year, sticking to your resolution is directly proportional to how committed you are & you need to be like Salman Khan (Ek baar maine commitment kardi to main khud ki bhi nahin sunta) 😉

I too have resolved to improve my life year after year. Sometime I succeed in keeping the resolutions & sometimes I just be lazy. This year I have decided to be more committed towards me. Instead of crying / whining / ranting, I will actually do something worthwhile with my life!

1. Get the damn passport: Since the new procedure is applying directly & I am sure to get a passport photo which looks like my Aadhar card photo, I will no longer delay it waiting to get a nice picture of myself.


2. Read / Write more: Being busy at work & with twitter I have ignored my reading & also my commitment to write regularly. This year it will be different! I will read atleast one book a week & write one post weekly. Weekends won’t be spent sleeping but trying to achieve the dream of getting atleast one book published ^_^


3. Be Fit & not Fat: Since 2011 I have been more conscious towards eating healthy & walking regularly (That’s the only exercise I can do happily. Gym is not my cup of coffee 😛 ) But post break-up there had been a slide in the good habits & moving to this new location for work ain’t helping it. But enough of the excuses. Have to be fit & non flabby. And I CAN DO IT!!


4. Dancing: I love to see people dance. And I love to dance too but when you haven’t even shaken a leg even at a wedding (or in my case played Garba) you only end up bobbing your head. I would love to have formal lessons to shake off my inhibition & also see that I don’t have any left feet. Fulfilling Resolution Number 3 will ensure I am not crashing any dance floors in the process 😉


5. Baking: Enough of drooling over the baked stuff in stores & on tv. Time to make people drool for a change. What better than cup cakes? (I would love to say me but then it’s not possible atleast in this life time so..)


6. Spend Less Save More: Lately I have been spending too much money on auto & food. Since I will be walking more & eating healthy, this will take care of itself Win Win 😀


7. Take it easy: Lately I have been feeling lonely & unappreciated by the people I love. But this has been only adding to my stress & affecting my heart. And I don’t want to be grumpy. Grumpy people can’t spread happiness, can they? So last but not the least – Stop thinking too much, take short trips in & around the city, inhale fresh air & BE HAPPY


What about you guys? Joining in? 🙂 🙂 🙂