The Year That Was.. The Year That Will Be!

The nightmare that December brought is finally over! This site is a home for my thoughts and it being invaded / blocked was such a distress! More distress that I could not write anything and didn’t know whether I would get this place back. Quite similar to your real home gutted by fire I guess.

It is so great to see that mirchiladdoo logo and the red jazzy mirchiladdoo page again (BRB Hugging the Laptop) 😀 😀

Apart from this incident, 2014 has been an AMAZING year, workwise or otherwise. This year was full of awards, accolades, reconnecting with family, amazing friends and most importantly love. 🙂

Resolution wise I am happy that I got my passport this year, read more books than ever, published more posts than ever, baked a cake & did lots of cooking 😉 I have also given two titles to myself this year. Selfie Queen (I think I click amazing selfies) and Rabdi Queen. (Please don’t disown me, ok?)

This year I need to carry forward the awesomeness of 2014. (And stop using the word awesome so much :p)

In 2015 I wish to:

1. Take care of my health big time.

2. Do more cooking and cook more dishes than I did in 2014.

3. Bake cakes and cupcakes from scratch.

4. Spend less money (Too much being spend on autos & eating out)

5. Better leave management (Travel was supposed to be on this year’s agenda but how do I do it without leaves in my kitty, right?)

That’s about it. No fancy things. Just simple basic rules to follow 🙂

Wish you a happy healthy & prosperous 2015! May you achieve everything this year that you wish to! 🙂