The Beginning of it..

I have a very good memory when I have to remember details about others but when it comes to me, I don’t remember so much.

But sometimes I do get flashes about long forgotten incidents. I was thinking about what to write today & looking for inspiration and I got this flash of memory. Memory of how it all started. Writing I mean 🙂

I was barely 12. I had started reading since I was quite young & by age of 10 I had started reading adult fiction (not porn, duh!, but books which adults normally read). We had shifted to this new place & I didn’t have any friends nor TV. Reading was the only entertainment. And it fueled my imagination. I used to think about story ideas all the time. The seeds of wanting to be  writer were being sown. I didn’t have a proper diary / notebook for writing down my ideas. I used to write in my school books while doing home work & hide the bits of papers in my textbooks. In one such bit of paper, I had written, “Dear George, Meet me at XYZ Garden at 5 PM” 

My mom had a habit of snooping on our things, which I got to know later >_< While checking my book, she found this bit of paper & thought I was having an affair! She questioned me like a police man questions a criminal about the boy & I told the truth but she didn’t believe. She outsourced the task to find out about the guy to my uncle who lived next to us. After a while, when he didn’t succeed, he just let me go with a reprimand never to indulge in such activities 🙁

And since then I used to write stories / journals & tear them up after writing before anyone got a chance to read.

Today, I don’t remember what all I had written. I really wish to go back in time & un-tear those pages & see what kind of a writer I was. What was the beginning of mirchi laddoo. Unfortunately, it is only going to be a haunting dream.