Live Roller Coaster!

Some days life is like walking on a plain road, some days you encounter steep hills on the way as well. But on some days you would also find your day is nothing short of a ride in the most exciting roller coaster. Sharing here one of the most thrilling days of my life!

Up: Boss calls me to meet him. We discuss work to be done for a new client. The meeting goes on & on. I am excited as it is one of the huge media company at the moment.

Down: Me & H leave together from work. The walk till the station is our time to talk about our life & life’s plans & part of our daily routine. He is not keeping well that day & needs to leave at 6. He is hovering outside boss’s cabin to tell me that. I am stuck in meeting & not able to leave with him.

Up: Boss knows about our routine, realises what H is upto & tells him not to worry & he would drop me to station personally. H leaves. I was grinning inside, not sure how H felt about that.

Up High: Boss rides a bullet & I get to ride a bike for the first time in my life. I was fatter back then & not sure if I would fit on the bike. Thankfully, boss had a slender figure & I managed. The first time on the bike was THRILL MAX. Of course I was scared a lot but thrilling nevertheless. I was also carrying a bag of files to be carried for work to the new client next day.

Up Higher: it was monsoon & raining. The feeling that I had just been on a bike for the first time made me euphoric along with getting the assignment of the media company. The rains helped in surging the excitement. I had kept my umbrella & the bag of files on the shelf in the train.

Down Low: When my station arrived, I got down without my umbrella & the bag. I reached the auto stand & realised something was missing! My bag of files! I panicked & started crying & didn’t know what to do!

Up: There was a girl next to me in queue for auto rickshaw. She saw me crying & asked me the reason. I told her about my bag. She told me that she had a friend travelling in the same train & would ask her to get the bag. There was hope!

Down: This happened years ago & mobile phones were not so easily available with everyone. Neither of us had a mobile phone.

Up Higher: That girl’s friend had one. We rushed to the nearest PCO, called her up & asked her to wait at her station with my bag. I called up my home, told mom about the situation, thanked that girl profusely, rushed back to station, took the next train available, found that girl’s friend, grabbed my bag, took the train to home & cried happy tears!!!

This is one experience in my life that I will never ever forget!!! I still think of that girl & wonder what would have happened if I wouldn’t have met her. Miracles happen in a strange way & for strange things!

The Beginning of it..

I have a very good memory when I have to remember details about others but when it comes to me, I don’t remember so much.

But sometimes I do get flashes about long forgotten incidents. I was thinking about what to write today & looking for inspiration and I got this flash of memory. Memory of how it all started. Writing I mean 🙂

I was barely 12. I had started reading since I was quite young & by age of 10 I had started reading adult fiction (not porn, duh!, but books which adults normally read). We had shifted to this new place & I didn’t have any friends nor TV. Reading was the only entertainment. And it fueled my imagination. I used to think about story ideas all the time. The seeds of wanting to be  writer were being sown. I didn’t have a proper diary / notebook for writing down my ideas. I used to write in my school books while doing home work & hide the bits of papers in my textbooks. In one such bit of paper, I had written, “Dear George, Meet me at XYZ Garden at 5 PM” 

My mom had a habit of snooping on our things, which I got to know later >_< While checking my book, she found this bit of paper & thought I was having an affair! She questioned me like a police man questions a criminal about the boy & I told the truth but she didn’t believe. She outsourced the task to find out about the guy to my uncle who lived next to us. After a while, when he didn’t succeed, he just let me go with a reprimand never to indulge in such activities 🙁

And since then I used to write stories / journals & tear them up after writing before anyone got a chance to read.

Today, I don’t remember what all I had written. I really wish to go back in time & un-tear those pages & see what kind of a writer I was. What was the beginning of mirchi laddoo. Unfortunately, it is only going to be a haunting dream.