The Last Selfie!

She took her seat in the auto, kept her bag on the side & tied the scarf to her head. After her brother in law had commented that her hair looked like sunflower, she had started taking a little bit care of her hair. Caring reminded she also needed to cover her eyes. Last time she had been on that road, dust & smoke had entered her eyes making them weepy & irritable. She put on the glares & took a look at her self in the auto’s mirror. Satisfied, she put on the ear phones & listened to her favourite numbers to make the ride enjoyable.

Apart from listening to music, she was looking at her niece’s pictures in the phone album, Face booking & tweeting. Still the ride seemed long today. The traffic was too much & her mind impatient. Bored, she resorted to the one thing which she was obsessed with nowadays. Taking a selfie & uploading for everyone some kind people to appreciate.

Couple of compliments & a few likes were worth the effort. She was beaming with happiness when all of a sudden she saw a truck approaching towards the auto & hit it with full force. She closed her eyes expecting the inevitable. The only thing that were in her mind were her niece & a cupcake she longed to eat.

She heard loud screams of a man & she opened her eyes. She hadn’t died. Infact she wasn’t even injured seriously. The auto had been just dented. Probably her weight had counter balanced the force of the truck. There were some advantages of being overweight she thought.

She realised though you never know which is the Last Selfie you take.

She also realised life is too short to wait for someone to eat the cupcake with 😀