Is Raat Ki Subah Na Ho..

There are 2 types of people in this world:

1. Suryavanshis – They believe early to bed & early to rise will make them healthy, wealthy & wise. Morning inspires them.

2. Chandravanshis – They abhor waking up early in the morning. Their day grows beautiful when the sun sets. Night inspires them.

I am one of them, I am Chandravanshi. 🙂

Nights are romantic, Nights are a mystery. Nights are when we are more honest with ourselves than when we are during the day.

Night is the time when we remove our mask & be our true self.

Staying awake at night, dreaming with open eyes, is the thing I love to do best.

Nights are also an integral part of my dreams & wishes.

To roam around on the beach, with or without someone, gazing at the sea or laying on the beach & gazing at the stars.

To roam on the empty streets of Mumbai (sans the stray dogs) & listen to soulful music.

To travel in empty local trains enjoying the breeze & look at the city lights through the tiny windows.

Basically, enjoying life & hoping “Is Raat Ki Subah Na Ho”

Hey, I may not get the worm (Uggh who wants them anyway), but I am happier being an Owl 😀