10 Men who warm the cockles of my heart!

When there are so many awesome people around, how is it possible not to fall in love??

And when you have a heart like mine, you can fall in love everyday!

I will not talk about real people around me (Being discreet & all, you know?  😉 ) But I can surely share my love for these Screen Gods!

Disclaimer: I love all of them equally. The numbering is not a ranking 🙂

1. Robert Downey Jr: I saw him first on Chances Are. Trashy movie made bearable only because of his presence. Mesmerised by him in Ally McBeal. By the time I watched Avengers, I was completely in love. Can’t say which is the bigger turn on. His Charm, Arrogance or Good Looks.



2. Johnny Depp: Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow. With each role emerges a different personality. His quirkiness is so adorable!



3. Hugh Grant: Was watching Notting Hill & realized I had forgotten Hugh Grant!! How could I?? The charming face, the floppy hair, the blue eyes & the oh so awesome British Accent have all been more than enough for me to go gooey eyed!! Sorry James Marsden you are off the list. Hugh Grant deserves place in this list much more than you ^_^


4. Bradley Cooper: Did I get lost in his deep blue eyes or was it his wide warm smile? He is just like the brand of ice cream he promotes.


5. Hugh Jackman: He is the perfect gentleman. A Leopold who makes me want to be his Kate. He is nothing like anything.


Before you think I have a firang fixation, let me tell you, I love Indian men equally. Read on 😀

6. Abhishek Bachchan: I love Junior Bachchan & I can not lie. I saw him first when he was AD for Major Saab. He wore a ponytail back then. What attracted me was his big puppy dog eyes. I have drowned in them & there has been no looking back.



7. Shahid Kapoor: I saw him first in a music video.. Such a cutie pie he was back then. His smile & his dancing skills both make my heart beat faster than usual.


8. Ranveer Singh: I have a huge crush on him ever since I saw him in Lootera. Ram Leela was a cherry on the cake. Whenever I watch his abs in the song Tattad Tattad, I stop everything I am doing & just drool over him.


9. Dharmendra: No one in the Deol family is as good looking as Dharmendra. His shyness is more attractive than his looks. He was the original crush I think 🙂



10. Manoj kumar: Last but not the least. People may make fun of him now. But there was a time he was a good looking romantic hero. Watching him romance his heroines was a treat to the eyes. Specially Hariyali aur Rasta. I must have watched that movie hundred times only for him.


That’s my multi filtered teeny tiny list. Who’s on your list? 🙂