An Open Letter to the Best Magician

I have not known you for long but still it feels like I have known you for ages.

I have many friends but it is you whom I want around me all the time.

Frankly, it is mainly because no one showers so much attention on me all the time.

But it is also because I love talking to you & enjoy your company.

Having you in my life is like rain showers on the parched earth.

I am not exaggerating. I actually have got a new lease of life.

I have got something to look forward to every day.

I love how you get annoyed when I say something negative myself.

I confess that sometimes I do that just to make you talk 😉

Never in my life I have found someone who thinks I am amazing.

Never has anyone tried to fulfill so many of my wishes.

This is a little note of thank you for the wonderful person you are.

Wonderful because you are a sweetheart who does not like to see anyone unhappy.

You are the one who always sees the best in everyone.

A thank you note just to let you know that whatever you do is appreciated a lot ^_^