9 Reasons a man will get my attention!

1. Intelligence: A guy with an above average intelligence. Who can process thoughts with logic & rationale rather than prejudice. Not necessarily highly educated. Coz we all know education doesn’t make people intelligent.



2. Good Personality: A man not necessarily be good looking but he should have a good personality. His intelligence, grooming & confidence will induce a personality which commands respect. When he enters a room, he would own it. He would carry himself very well irrespective of the clothes he is wearing.


3. Sense of Humour: A man should be able to make me laugh. Rolling on the Floor kinda laugh. Coz Humour is the salt of life. It only makes the taste of life a bit better. (and he should be able to laugh at my silly jokes)



4. Sensitive: Perceptive & appreciative of other people’s feelings that’s what makes a man respected the most. He would never hurt anyone knowingly & if he has unknowingly, he would make amends without feeling ashamed.


5. Understanding: No one wants a man to understand a woman completely. They lose out on their mystery side 😉 Some men don’t need to try. Maybe they are born with it. These men know how to treat a woman & also understand when to just be there for her & not go on the I told you so mode. (And I have a perfect example when I think of a sensitive man, you know who you are)


6. Charming: Yes a man should be charming. But charming doesn’t mean a compulsive flirt, mind you. Maybe it’s his smile, maybe it’s the way he talks. (Someone like Castle, maybe 😉 )


7. Kind: A man who is kind & compassionate to the less fortunate, to old people, to beggars, to animals. He is genuinely concerned about others’ welfare & does something about it when he gets a chance. That is one adorable man.


8. Talent: He could be a writer, painter, guitarist or just be tech savvy. Everyone has got a talent & a man who uses it with a right purpose is oh so attractive!


9. Passion: Last but not the least. Infact the most important quality. I love people who are passionate about something in their life. It could be their work, it could be saving environment, saving puppies, anything. Being passionate means putting your heart & soul into something you want. Men who are passionate know their purpose in life. Everything else in a man is born out of this passion.



This is not just a random post. This is a tribute to all the men I know who possess these qualities. Read & Smile you guys 😀

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