Turning 40!

2017 is here & the time to turn 40 for me (happened last week 😉 ) I won’t say I wasn’t dreading this day. Not because I am getting older but because I do not want people to fit me in some box. And to everyone who says I do not look 40:

I am sure you must have read (or seen) countless such posts like this. Reflections on turning 40 or what you should have done before turning 40 or how life will be post 40.

So what does turning 40 mean to me? Nothing. Seriously. And not because age is just a number. I do not know how I am supposed to feel at forty. I am healthier and fitter than ever (yeah yeah relatively). I have never been more clear about what I want in life. In fact never been more happier to be alive. I can safely say that my parents and family would be proud of me of whoever I am now. And that has been my biggest achievement in life. From a nobody to a somebody.

If you count age by experiences, I am still so young! I have so much to experience. So many places to see, so much food to eat, so many people to love and so many lives to inspire!

I have lost a decade of my life to depression, being a recluse and not knowing what to do with my life generally. I say that was my period of hibernation. Those years I have not lived, should not be counted at all! The things that I “should” have done before turning 40, I can very well do now. Who’s stopping me?

And how will be my life post 40? Getting more fabulous with each passing day! I have just begun to live my life to the fullest. I will get fitter, take care of my health and my family, buy a house, write books, get published, be famous, cook more, travel more, meet more people, find my true love <3 There is no limit to my ambitions! This is me folks! Meet you at Fantastic @ 50 😉