2011 taught me..


2011 by far was the most eventful year for me in recent times.. It taught me some valuable lessons.

2011 taught me:

1. Fractures are really painful and it is not about cool casts..

2. Valentine’s Day is about love..Give some to yourself too..

3. Birthdays are special when people you love make them special for you..

4. When you are friends, there are no labels..brothers, sisters, cousins, online friends, blog friends, train friends.. Friends are Friends.. And it is always good to meet them..

5. Some months would be exciting..but some months would be just plain routine..

6. Social Networking sites are not only for time pass.. It is also a good platform for networking and make good friends.. and also learn new things..

7. Some people enter our life from nowhere and change your world for better..life would be incomplete without such people…

8. When your bond is strong with someone, it can never break with distance and you can catch up where you left whenever you meet..

9. When you are facing a rough patch in your life, there would be friends who would be your support system & make you laugh even if you don’t want to smile..

10. And most important to have faith in God. Even if no miracle happens, praying definitely calms your mind..

11. It is life..not bed of roses always..you will get hurt..accept that..

12. Some memories are very precious..which are never to be shared with anyone. They are tagged in your heart forever

13. Don’t be serious always. Some craziness is required to remain sane. And it is necessary to have friends understand that craziness..

14. Most important never to lose your enthusiasm & hope..

15. Smile. It brightens your day as well as day of people around you..

16. Don’t wait for something special to happen to you – Go & Make it Happen!!!


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