Letter to my younger selves

Dear 16 year old & 24 year old me,

You are dreaming about your prince charming & knight in shining armour. This is the age to be dreamy eyed I guess. You are young and full of hope and influenced by romantic books and movies.

You have in your mind carved out the picture of how your soul mate would be (Of course you don’t refer to him as a soul mate coz you don’t understand the concept yet but I assure you one day you will)

Whatever the picture is in your mind, one day you will realise that there is no prince charming or knight in armour for you.

And there is nothing to be sad about coz you don’t need a prince or a knight.

What you need is a living breathing human being. Who is not perfect and doesn’t need you to be perfect. He might not have a liking for books but doesn’t mean he isn’t worldly wise. He might not be a man of words but he will be a man of action. He will not write eloquent poetries for you but he will ensure that you are never sad. He will fill your life with sweetness which is missing in your life right now.

He might not be the one you want, but he will definitely be the one you need. He will be the ONE, your life partner in the truest of sense.

Whatever happens, don’t lose Faith 🙂


<Ahem  Ahem> year old you