Cynophobia is nothing but fear of dogs. Yes, that’s what I learnt today.

Though I admire dogs, puppies rather, but it has always been a long distance relationship.

I distinctly remember when this fear started. We had recently shifted to this apartment & co-incidentally our old neighbours were also living in the adjacent area.

As per tradition, mom had cooked something nice for the first day in kitchen & I was given the responsibility of taking some for the old neighbours. No need to tell my mom is an awesome cook & the smell of the food attracted stray dogs in the area. They started following me & started barking. I was just 10 & the barks were ferocious. I ran to the neighbours house, with the dogs tagging me along.

There was one more incident after that day, when I had gone out to throw the trash & three dogs started following me & barked like lunatics. Thankfully for one passerby who drove them away. But since then there has never been a day where I spot a stray dog & my heart doesn’t start thumping loudly.


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