Colour me Green. Not.


Green colour symbolises prosperity in most cases. It also is associated with a negative feeling, ENVY.

Dictionary defines Envy as, “resentment which “occurs when someone lacks another’s quality, achievement or possession and wishes that the other lacked it”



This is the reason why it is considered bad  for widows to attend any wedding functions & a childless woman to attend any baby shower functions. It is assumed that they would envy & grudge the other person of their husband / child & harm would come to their joyous life.

But is it true always? I feel it is gross injustice. I might not be married or not have a child. I might not have the success / money my cousins / relatives have. But that does not mean I am discontented with my life & envy their success in whatever part of their life.

I love them enough to be happy in their happiness. I love myself enough to be happy with my life.

Where there is love, there is no envy. Colour me Red. Not Green.



Your thoughts please? :)