The Great Escape!

Arrgh!!! Not another rejection! She exclaimed when her mom told her about an impending visit from the “Ladke wale”. Her mom chided her! How do you know it would be rejection? She couldn’t reply but her previous experiences did not allow her to hope otherwise! Either the guys would reject her or his parents. Apparently a fat girl couldn’t do household work as per the parents.

She wondered how they do it then ‘coz there was no difference between her & her could be mother in law’s size 😉

This time was a bit different. The guy’s family had come to “see” her without the guy. Apparently they liked her ‘coz next time some other family members turned up & even though she had been in her nightie, cooking chapattis, covered in sweat, they fixed a final meeting with the guy.  Their only demand was that the girl dress up in saree.

Her hopes revived & she started dreaming of engagement & wedding ceremonies & the likes! And the D Day arrived. She was looking quite pretty in her mom’s saree, decked up in make-up & jewellery.

There were atleast 7-8 guests. When everyone settled in their tiny home, entered the “boy” He sat on the empty cot & occupied 3/4th of it. She was shocked but didn’t express it. Her dream of a Mills & Boons hero rescuing her from the pits of singledom crashed cruelly 😉

Atleast let me see how he is as a person, she thought. After a round of tea & small talks, the girl & boy were sent to the neighbour’s vacant home to know more about each other, as is the custom.

He seemed shy & kept wiping his sweat with a face towel he was carrying. She started the conversation as he seemed reluctant to talk & kept looking at his watch. He was not very educated. He was running a small family business & content with whatever he was doing. She kept on unchecking the qualities she was looking for her life partner. Thoroughly disappointed she asked him a last question. What does marriage mean to you? He said Marriage means there should not be any quarrels between daughter in law & mother in law. After I come home there should be peace! She couldn’t believe his answer! Nothing more left to ask, they came to her house.

After the guests left, she told her parents there is no way she was going to marry him! Her family pressurized to say yes to the alliance as no one else was ready to marry her. Four days she spent in agony praying for some miracle. The meeting happened on Sunday, the guy’s mother called on Thursday with their reply.

The guy had rejected her! For being Fat! Though it was funny how a guy double her size rejected her for being fat, she was happy coz she had just escaped being married to a mediocre man!