Surprise!!! I think everyone of us at some point of time must have expected to hear this word, in the pleasant context, of course. Unless some one is too much of a planner & hates surprises even of the pleasanter kind.

There is no written rule that you have to surprise someone only on their birthdays / when you gonna propose. The fun part is you can surprise anyone anytime. And you want nothing more than to see their happy face. This is Love. Selfless 😉

I love to give gifts & love to surprise. The happiness of getting something unexpectedly reflects in the person’s eyes & that makes me so happy!

Usually I don’t speak about all this as in what I have done for anyone. But I saw some contest on Twitter asking to say something about it & this is the one instance that came to my mind instantly.

I had couple of special friends in the office I was working back then. It was one of them’s birthday. She stayed in Mahim & I in Dombivli. Before she could leave for office, I showed up at her home, carrying a yellow rose, Temptation & the best seller at that time, The Da Vinci Code as she loved to read. Surprise was an understatement for what she felt. She was so happy that she couldn’t stop grinning for a long time 🙂

This was not a big deal but it definitely created a special memory for both of us. 🙂