Cynophobia Part II

Some time back I had written about my Cynophobia.

Well fate gave me a chance to be around dogs for some time. I am staying at my sister’s place for quite a while. This place is a heaven for dog lovers it seems. Every morning on my way to work, I encounter people walking their dogs, well behaved dogs. There are couple of strays with a litter of puppies around the garbage bin. No one bothers me & I can enjoy my morning walk. These dogs are also familiar to my sight it seems. Reason? I actually saw a poodle leap when he saw me & I swear I saw him smile! Also, a bitch ran towards me & I felt that urge to mother her 🙂

This made me realize, my equation with dogs is not that bad. Some dogs can love me too. I was dreaming of adopting a puppy who would love me to bits & I would raise it to be a good dog.

But Fate had other plans as usual.

One fine day, I was enjoying music, walking down the beautiful lane & admiring the new poodle that was jumping around. The lazy boy didn’t want to climb up the hill & he made his owner walk down again. It was a chubby little punk & I wanted to hold him & give him kisses coz he was sooooo adorable!!

And then I noticed a stray dog eyeing me. I was a bit scared & he must have realized it. He started chasing me. I was petrified & trying every ounce of control in my body not to run! I noticed a bus stop & hid behind the man that was standing there. Looking at my size not a good job obviously. The dog was waiting for me to come out of my hiding. Whenever I tried to move away he would follow suit. There was no one around to help me. After few minutes of this scary hell, there was a ray of sunshine. A dog walker came around & shooed away the dog & I could carry on my journey peacefully. That experience made me cry though (If you didn’t know already crying is the way I remove all the negative emotions from my heart) I also realized how much I missed my dad!! My dad is my hero. A. He never laughs at me because of my fright of dogs. B. He always chases them away for me. I so wished that my dad was around me that day to save me.

Anyhow, I am back to admiring dogs from afar. I don’t want them anywhere near me 🙁