Kids, in the earlier days, in India, there was no week end. People used to work even on Saturdays. For working fathers it meant a leisurely day, reading newspaper all day long & entertaining visitors, once in a while. On some days, we would be visiting other people’s houses. (Shocking, I know) For working / non working mothers, Sundays were spent on cleaning & cooking extra large sized meals for the family. (Mothers don’t get holidays)

As the western culture seeped in slowly & we started working for MNCs & BPOs, we learnt the concept of weekend. A 5 day working week & 2 days holidays! Unlike America though, our weekend doesn’t start post lunch on Friday. It would start very late in the night. 8-9 PM probably.

After having a strenuous week at work (more due to travelling than work), everyone would want to laze on the bed & do nothing. Sounds great, right? But then what about all the things you want to do? Travelling, Cooking, Photography, Writing, etc etc. When do you get time for that?

This thought struck me one day. I was used to being joined on the hip with my bed for these two days. But I realised i was wasting my precious days! i could do so much more with this time!

And instead of waiting for another weekend / another month, I started it from this weekend itself. Enjoyed a movie in the theatre on Friday, visited the salon for some pampering & travelled all the way to a different part of the city to visit a temple, I was meaning to since many months days. On Sunday, I managed to pay the rent & get some groceries locally. Moving out of the house on Sunday is quite a big deal for me. 😀 (Remember if I agree to meet you on Sunday & make it without any excuses, you are really special to me) 😉

Only regret was not being able to cook anything special. Water shortage you see. Cooking requires water, washing utensils requires water & you get so exhausted after all the work, you require more water.

Only hoping that this streak continues for a long time & I do something new every weekend.

What are your weekend plans?