2013 – An amazing year!

I was trying to recollect how the recent years have been & I could not remember what I did in 2010 at all! Hence decided, have to sum up what the year has been like so that I can recollect easily. Age has been catching up finally it seems 🙁

The start of the year was great. Was off the bench & started working enthusiastically again. This has been the year to prove myself again professionally. Work wise the year has been great. Have achieved small milestones for the team. However, no time to take a proper holiday not to mention funds 😉 I did manage to squander all the leaves again & left with zero balance at the beginning of the year. Have to save leaves along with money next year. SIGH.

Great news for Family as two cousins got married, sister got her own home & also some good news in the offing which is not yet to be made public (No I haven’t got engaged / married secretly :P) Though this year I had thought IT would happen as girls who were facing difficulty in getting hitched were all getting married as if it was an epidemic 😐

Anyhow, coming back to achievements, my social networking Klout is a bit up. Got 1K + Followers on twitter, which I could never imagine, only wish for! Also, getting more likes on my profile pics on Facebook than ever before. Either I am ageing beautifully or people have started loving me more. Love is blind, you see 😉 And most importantly, crossed 4K+ views here. Of course it’s peanuts but I am not a very hi-fi writer either.

Friendship wise, gained more, lost less but hey, the loss was a huge lesson so not bad 🙂

All in all has been an amazing journey & thankful for everyone who has been part of it. And I promise myself 2014 would be much better than 2013.

Happy New Year!!!