Facebook or Maskbook?

Dearest Facebook,

You are asking me to click on your button to review how my year went away, a combination of few pictures of passing smiles and their married barred teeth. But to review memories as young as melting glaciers from warmth of my heart, it seems futile and unnecessary act of movement. I cannot review a living memory I’m already breathing in and out of my lungs. Maybe I am asking so much more from you than I have provided. I only communicated to you the day dreams, sunlight, colorfully filtered food and stories of hands wrapped together. But your simplest of request from me has dismantled my hardwork of filling holes with sand. I lost my balance and now I am lying amongst dust that has clouded around me of memories that ameliorate my soul and of memories that exacerbate quality of my sight and breaks my whole body into droplets of tears.

But tell me, can your series of selected pictures show smiles that are painted over frowns, tears, heartaches, demolished dreams and incomplete bridges between people I or other breathing organism failed to complete? Can those barred teeth of mine demonstrate well to others of all breaks and crashes my heart went through this year? Waves of desire tossed me and my limbs everywhere and I gasped for breaths which I took for granted. But seconds before flash of camera hit me, I kept a face as if I won a race on being the more carefree soul than him so when he sees it, he knows how much I have moved on. Can my painted red lips plastered on your screen express how many nights I woke up drenched in sweat pungent with my fear of everything oblivious and shivered myself back to sleep? A simple dab of paint over my lips send me into a temporary amnesia and assured me that maybe, just maybe, I am living my life as justly and as securely as one could. Can you see through my golden glittery foundation that memories of all kinds have left behind their paths and I am becoming more wrinkled as rotating organ we are living on? Behind my makeup are crows with their crooked feet, standing next to my eyes, cawing out aloud, “Where are you lost?”

I have lost my whereabouts but when bubble bursts and glitter falls down on protruding veins on my hand, my artificially waved hair, inside of my blouse I forget that I’m not architecturally sound. But when flash leaves me, I remember that I’m breaking and making walls without any architectural sense hoping maybe all this would lead to something bigger and grander. Oh, a naïve button, I cannot allow you to share pictures that only capture half of a heartbeat. Numbers might shift but I would keep on living those memories as I have been living everyday as a ritual.


– Palak Uppal

A letter to my not-yet-adopted Baby

To my darling daughter,

Ever since I remember, I always wanted to be a mother. Always wished to be a mom more than be somebody’s wife. I wanted a daughter so I could dress her up in cute clothes, give her dolls, cars, toy swords. Whatever she wished for.

By the time I turned 27, I decided I want to adopt a baby girl. Your mumma was in a relationship when she turned 29. A beautiful relationship with an amazing guy (atleast that’s what it felt like that time) and both agreed to get married in couple of years and get a sweet little baby girl home. Four years passed by! Relationship went through a lot of crests and troughs. More troughs because the guy wasn’t exactly what mumma should have settled down for. He didn’t respect her, he didn’t love her, he cheated on her and more than anything he made a mockery of me wanting to adopt you in front of others. I had to leave him. Things looked bad. Mumma had a lot of deal with. Too much on all fronts. A broken engagement, nursing a broken heart, letting go of a dream to get married and have a baby with the ONE (Haha!) and then getting to know he never shared the same dreams and simply lied about them to make me happy. Ok! enough about him. I didn’t know how would I ever have you in my life. Could I afford to give a proper environment and not compromise on any of your needs? So many questions! Should I adopt you? What if I can’t keep you happy?

That’s when I realized, from now I will work hard in being self-sufficient and save enough so I can bring you into my world. I want to give you a good upbringing, a happy lifestyle and more importantly help you learn from your own mistakes and learn beautiful lessons from life.

Sweetheart, while I am writing this. I don’t even know who you are. Are you born yet? Will life have something else in store for me? But I hope someday, I can make this desire to have you in my life fulfilled. Always remember, mumma learnt to be happy on her own. You too sweetheart do not depend on anyone else to give you happiness, respect or hope. If people hurt you, let them go. If people ignore you, let them be. And always remember come what may, you will always have me! I hope I can be a good mother and hold your hand whenever you need me.

You gave me a reason to get up and walk again! Thanks for holding my hand and giving me the strength to realize my dream and make me work hard towards it.

For you have given re-birth to me!

Love you,

Your Mumma


– Arundhati



One word but thousand ideas. The word display is associated with so many things but majorly positively. The display I am usually reminded is of the D from DP. The other is of those things we usually put up on display when someone’s visiting our place or the things that are put up on display at shops.

There’s a slight different vision I see to the whole concept of display. Display gets easily link to glamour and therefore show off. Why do people put up DP when FB, Twitter or even Whatsapp in that case asks you to just change your profile picture? Because maybe we have changed the whole motive of this by showing different things along with the face. We laugh at those who put up passport size or passport like pictures as their profile picture. But isn’t the motive of these social media just asking for a slight identity and not for your financial or materialistic identity being displayed out there. Because at the end our thoughts and what all we want to convey matters on be it Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. Glorification or Glamourisation has become a hobby or to be precise an occupation for some people. We are definitely developing but not into better souls but better humans. Again, the discrimination between the internal and external exists like eternal.


– Diksha Dhawan

Ladies he cannot be your savior!

Let’s face it that the problem is that most of the women want a hero, a prince charming instilled with perfection. No matter how much you deny but it is true. As we grew up listening to fairy tales of the prince charming, The saviour, The super hero who has to be there to bring the perfect ending. The problem is that men are just as ordinary as women are. The illusion of relating the love life expectations to real ones somewhere brings a tremendous burden on men. In the life of every person, there is at least one person with whom we make a very deep connection. The connection at times is too deep, beyond our greatest and wildest dreams. Women are somewhere wired with the expectation of magic, absolute madness, a courageous person blessed with looks of Brad Pitt for bonus points.

Who is this saviour? Why so much obsession and fascination with the fantasy drama? Isn’t it better to keep it in stories itself and create your own instead? Men are ordinary human beings, the ones who are struggling to fulfil their aspirations, trying their best to make their life stable in every possible manner and meanwhile looking for love. You make him laugh and he makes you laugh. You share your stories and he shares his. You follow your dreams and he follows his. You experience life through him and share the hazy mornings, eventful afternoons and nights. You both follow your own philosophies. Sometimes you both agree and sometimes you don’t. Everything that makes life worth living.

It is okay that someone doesn’t always fulfill your expectations. Desires can wreck your life. There is no nobility in obsessing over something that does not exist. Desire leaves us heartbroken, it wears us out. No matter how perfect you would expect them to be, at some point or another, they will say something that you weren’t expecting them to say, they will do something that, at the time, would be terribly disappointing, and they will sometimes be harsh and mean. Some things really aren’t in our control. It is okay when someone you really love flips out on you or behaves a little irrationally. Love is a funny thing. It turns it all upside down when you don’t really expect it. It is like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamt. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And it’s not so important happy ever after, just that its happy right now. It is most important to notice that they are trying. It doesn’t matter that they slip. What matters the most is that they atleast try not to slip. They should also be given the room to be a little mean, and a little rude, and a little harsh, because they are after all, just like you. They also deserve a break. They can also break into a tantrum, and that is quite allright. Reality is what you allow it to be. Reality is what you choose to accept it to be. We tend to overlook things we shouldn’t and look over things we needn’t. Wouldn’t it be better if the expectations are withdrawn and they’re allowed to be themselves where you could carve out the extra ordinary out of him? Their care and their actions to prove the same isn’t the best thing which is a sole evidence of the fact that you are going to be his soul mate always.

Life is never as complicated as we, ourselves make it. After all what will bring smile home isn’t going to be diamond ring but it will be the extra work he spent in office to save little extra for it. What you really need to remember and cherish is the thought, and the effort, and the fact that they are with you.

– Sunakshi Goel

Let us learn to Express

What are you doing? Have you done this? Don’t do that.. Don’t talk rubbish.. What is wrong with you?

Questions and questions and instructions that we received from our childhood. Nobody taught us how to express ourselves. Also as a child when we were enthusiastic to express our stuffs we heard.. Not Now.. Be Quiet.. I don’t have time for silly things… And slowly and steadily we learnt to be quiet and not to express our selves.

Today this is the story of every grownup adult and the society at large. We come across our young generation with lots of anger, stress, low self-esteem and physical challenges like High B.P., Diabetics, Heart issues and much more. Ever thought a reason for increase in number of these illnesses and that to in a young age?

Our technology has developed to such an extent that there is a cure for everything but why are they not teaching us to prevent it. Why are we taught is schools, “Prevention is better than cure”; when nobody wants to talk on how do we prevent ourselves from all these challenges. Why we are not taught how to live our life without facing any challenges or issues? We are we taught there will be lots of problems as you grow up and you need to prepare for it, to face it. Why nobody taught there can be a problem free life? Lots and lots of questions I always had as a child and even today. So now I choose to find my own answers.

Here I share with you all my simple observations and the reasons for many dis-eases. We all have stopped expressing. We have nothing to say at all. Nobody knows what our feelings and emotions are like. Even we are not aware as to How do I feel. We choose to close ourselves as we are told, “Be Quiet”. We started thinking Yes, I am not good enough. So I should not open my mouth. Be Quiet. I can’t jump around everywhere expressing… So sit in one place.. Be Quiet.. But Mamma, look what I made.. How is it.. Shushh… Be Quiet.. I don’t have time now. And then we feel nobody listens to me. Nobody understands me. So.. Be Quiet.

And finally now as we grow and we learn to Be Quiet. Now we don’t know what to express. We don’t even know how we feel. So it is not that we don’t want to express our feelings and emotions, but the irony is we don’t know.

All these stuck emotions and feelings which we hold on to us, because we don’t express, are then finally absorbed by our different body parts. And then it manifests into so called dis-ease.

There are medicines for dis-eases but how do we treat this Non expression. Do we know the root cause of our issues and problems? Are we willing to work on them now; or wait for a dis-ease and then work on the symptoms?

All these challenges inspired me to be a healer. I have started my own healing studio, Twinlight Holistic Healing Studio. I believe and work on many techniques that teach us to express ourselves; know our emotions and feelings and thereby heal all our physical issues, emotional issues and relationship issues and challenges. Feel free to contact me and gift yourself the ‘Real You’.

Be the Light. Come, Let’s Illuminate our Souls.

CA Khushboo Apurva Luthiya


Email: [email protected]

Facebook Page: Twinlight Holistic Healing Studio


Of Dreams & Ruins

She stood in front of the falling abandoned house. Her daughter commented, “Such a shabby old house!” She turned towards her daughter and smiled. Holding her hand, she passed by the house.

Every day while crossing the house, she would stop and her daughter would make the same remark. After a decade, the daughter got tired of the routine and asked, “What fascinates you towards the ruin?”

She turned to her daughter, like she always did, held her hand and began to walk, when her daughter pulled her back and said, “I want an answer today, mom”

She took a deep breath and smiled. “This was the house your father brought me in after we got married. These ruins were once our dream.”


– Harleen

I will survive

A storm doesn’t know what damage it will do

Yet its innocence can’t be justified

I was a victim of such a storm and did not know what to do

Storm passed away and I was mystified

I had tasted a poison called love

Risking my life on every curve

I was all in, as the stakes were high

When I saw my cards, they just read WHY

Defeated, destroyed, shattered felt my heart

Beautifully killed like a piece of art

Lost all hope and as I lay in pain

Anticipating my final sleep in vain

Just then, I heard a knock on my door

There was a spirit of hope who reminded me of my chore

I don’t know if she is a doctor, a teacher, a friend or an angel who is watching over me

But she is holding me tight in this storm and keeping me awake so I can see

Life is beyond our expectations and disappointments

Maybe with love, I have no more appointments

A whole new world is out there to explore and feel alive

A chance to do something for people who helped me revive

I will not just survive, I will now arrive.

– Soham Dave


Life was becoming rough,
Everyday had become tough,
It seemed I had lost it all,
And happiness had taken a fall,
Lived a dream for many years,
And then it left me in tears,
I was left with no hope,
Every moment was difficult to cope,
But now it is the end of that phase,
Now only happiness is what I chase,
Doing what I love to do the best,
Enough time to play, Enough to rest,
Bike Rides & Night Out,
Outstation trips without a doubt,
Weekend Mornings for a game of Cricket,
Evening time with a movie ticket,
Meeting friends all old & New,
Staying up until the morning Dew,
All these things I had missed a lot,
A few good lessons that life has taught,
Life has its own Ups & Downs,
Sometimes u laugh & Sometimes u frown,
It’s no good reason to live in the pasts,
Live your life till the time it lasts!

– Sujit Shetty