I will survive

A storm doesn’t know what damage it will do

Yet its innocence can’t be justified

I was a victim of such a storm and did not know what to do

Storm passed away and I was mystified

I had tasted a poison called love

Risking my life on every curve

I was all in, as the stakes were high

When I saw my cards, they just read WHY

Defeated, destroyed, shattered felt my heart

Beautifully killed like a piece of art

Lost all hope and as I lay in pain

Anticipating my final sleep in vain

Just then, I heard a knock on my door

There was a spirit of hope who reminded me of my chore

I don’t know if she is a doctor, a teacher, a friend or an angel who is watching over me

But she is holding me tight in this storm and keeping me awake so I can see

Life is beyond our expectations and disappointments

Maybe with love, I have no more appointments

A whole new world is out there to explore and feel alive

A chance to do something for people who helped me revive

I will not just survive, I will now arrive.

– Soham Dave