One word but thousand ideas. The word display is associated with so many things but majorly positively. The display I am usually reminded is of the D from DP. The other is of those things we usually put up on display when someone’s visiting our place or the things that are put up on display at shops.

There’s a slight different vision I see to the whole concept of display. Display gets easily link to glamour and therefore show off. Why do people put up DP when FB, Twitter or even Whatsapp in that case asks you to just change your profile picture? Because maybe we have changed the whole motive of this by showing different things along with the face. We laugh at those who put up passport size or passport like pictures as their profile picture. But isn’t the motive of these social media just asking for a slight identity and not for your financial or materialistic identity being displayed out there. Because at the end our thoughts and what all we want to convey matters on be it Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. Glorification or Glamourisation has become a hobby or to be precise an occupation for some people. We are definitely developing but not into better souls but better humans. Again, the discrimination between the internal and external exists like eternal.


– Diksha Dhawan