Let us learn to Express

What are you doing? Have you done this? Don’t do that.. Don’t talk rubbish.. What is wrong with you?

Questions and questions and instructions that we received from our childhood. Nobody taught us how to express ourselves. Also as a child when we were enthusiastic to express our stuffs we heard.. Not Now.. Be Quiet.. I don’t have time for silly things… And slowly and steadily we learnt to be quiet and not to express our selves.

Today this is the story of every grownup adult and the society at large. We come across our young generation with lots of anger, stress, low self-esteem and physical challenges like High B.P., Diabetics, Heart issues and much more. Ever thought a reason for increase in number of these illnesses and that to in a young age?

Our technology has developed to such an extent that there is a cure for everything but why are they not teaching us to prevent it. Why are we taught is schools, “Prevention is better than cure”; when nobody wants to talk on how do we prevent ourselves from all these challenges. Why we are not taught how to live our life without facing any challenges or issues? We are we taught there will be lots of problems as you grow up and you need to prepare for it, to face it. Why nobody taught there can be a problem free life? Lots and lots of questions I always had as a child and even today. So now I choose to find my own answers.

Here I share with you all my simple observations and the reasons for many dis-eases. We all have stopped expressing. We have nothing to say at all. Nobody knows what our feelings and emotions are like. Even we are not aware as to How do I feel. We choose to close ourselves as we are told, “Be Quiet”. We started thinking Yes, I am not good enough. So I should not open my mouth. Be Quiet. I can’t jump around everywhere expressing… So sit in one place.. Be Quiet.. But Mamma, look what I made.. How is it.. Shushh… Be Quiet.. I don’t have time now. And then we feel nobody listens to me. Nobody understands me. So.. Be Quiet.

And finally now as we grow and we learn to Be Quiet. Now we don’t know what to express. We don’t even know how we feel. So it is not that we don’t want to express our feelings and emotions, but the irony is we don’t know.

All these stuck emotions and feelings which we hold on to us, because we don’t express, are then finally absorbed by our different body parts. And then it manifests into so called dis-ease.

There are medicines for dis-eases but how do we treat this Non expression. Do we know the root cause of our issues and problems? Are we willing to work on them now; or wait for a dis-ease and then work on the symptoms?

All these challenges inspired me to be a healer. I have started my own healing studio, Twinlight Holistic Healing Studio. I believe and work on many techniques that teach us to express ourselves; know our emotions and feelings and thereby heal all our physical issues, emotional issues and relationship issues and challenges. Feel free to contact me and gift yourself the ‘Real You’.

Be the Light. Come, Let’s Illuminate our Souls.

CA Khushboo Apurva Luthiya


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