I Wish…

This is one of my favourite stories, “Dinner was being served on one of the most luxurious cruise liner in the world. Everyone was enjoying the delicacies. For dessert, there was a scrumptious chocolate pastry. A lady travelling on the liner was on diet & didn’t have dessert. Later in the night, the weather changed suddenly & there was a heavy storm at sea. Waves attacked the ship from all sides & created havoc. The ship couldn’t survive the storm & went down under. All the passengers in the ship drowned along with the ship. Some one had their loved ones on their mind, some were seen praying. The lady, who refused dessert, was thinking, “If I knew that was the last meal I was having, I would have never said no to that chocolate pastry”

Watching what we eat is a big part of losing weight, but in that process if you sacrifice what you love to eat, you will never enjoy your diet. This applies to almost all things in life. For achieving something, we sacrifice something else. Make sure you are not sacrificing something which you will regret later in your life.


How to Kill Time!


For the Working people, Television has become a major source of entertainment.

But what happens when one day when your TV breaks down & you can’t get it fixed?

Let us see some creative ideas how to kill time & emerge winner!!!

1. Cleaning: Pick up one area in your home. Your wardrobe, book shelf, bedroom, kitchen shelf. Clean thoroughly & rearrange. It’s the best productive way to utilise your time.

2. Reading: People who are fond of reading, collect many books during the course of year but the books collect dust waiting to be read. Brush off the dust on the books & pick one to read.

If you have an internet connection & laptop, you can also indulge your time reading books online, including comic books or even blogs. You can even try your hand in writing a blog, if you are not writing already!

3. Games: Lots of games to be played online from Solitaire, Chess, Farmville & what not. Always keep a pack of cards at home. You can always play Solitaire, if electricity or computer is not available 😉

4. Movies / Sitcoms: Just like books, people also download movies / sitcoms & collect it to watch on a rainy day. What better time than now to watch them?

5. Talk: Call up people whom you have not spoken to in ages. If you are staying away from family, call your family members. It would be a happy surprise for them as well.

6. Walk: Go out of your house. Explore your neighbourhood. Enjoy some fresh air.

7. Music: If you don’t feel like doing anything from the above, there is always Music. Switch off your lights & switch on your favourite music. Enjoy Solitude.

All the above ideas are not exhaustive. When TV is switched off, it is time to switch on your imagination & think of the best possible way to utilise your time.



Happy Teacher’s Day!!!


5th September always brings sweet memories of school days. On this day, 9th & 10th standard students used to be teachers to other students & teachers’ used to get a chance to relax & enjoy the festivities. It was so much fun being taught by the senior students & we could not await the day to be Teachers ourselves!

For those who came in late, 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in India, birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a renowned scholar & teacher. He went on to become Vice President of India.

Once I read a column on Teacher’s day. The columnist was of the view that, since teachers are not of the same quality as they were at the time of Mr. S. Radhakrishnan, we should stop celebrating Teacher’s Day. I was taken aback by the cynical view point of the author.

Indians have always respected & idolised their teachers. The teachers are not just paid employees in the eyes of the students. They are the gardeners who groom the students. They are our guiding light, who contribute to our overall development & not stick to textbook schooling.

Who can forget the teacher who paid attention to a student who was weak in maths & gave special tuition with no extra cost? Or the teacher who identified our talent for debate / drama & encouraged us to take part in extracurricular activities? Or a teacher who inspired us to take on reading & opened a whole new world to us?

Of course not all teachers fall in this category. But do we stop honouring our teachers only because some teachers are rotten apples?

If such is the case, then we need not respect anyone in this world. Not our so called leaders, doctors or even our parents!

What is required is restore the faith of all in the teaching community. Respect them. Give them better pays & better facilities. Remove the Rotten Apples from the basket but also honour the Good Ones!!!

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

Fake or Real???


Red is the colour of love. It radiates warmth and a strong sense of vitality. And red is also the colour of the ruby, the king of the gemstones. In the fascinating world of gemstones, the ruby is the undisputed ruler.

For thousands of years, the ruby has been considered one of the most valuable gemstones on Earth. It has everything a precious stone should have: magnificent colour, excellent hardness and outstanding brilliance. In addition to that, it is an extremely rare gemstone, especially in its finer qualities.

It is very difficult for a common man to tell the difference between a real & a fake Ruby.



If you see the above pictures, one is a fake ruby & one is a real one..The colour & shine are almost same.

Of course an expert in gems would definitely make out which one is real in a second.

Most people will never know the difference between Red Glass & Ruby & wouldn’t matter to them what is it that they own…

Some people would know the difference & wish for the Ruby but get stuck with the Glass either because they can not afford the price of Ruby or they don’t deserve the Ruby..Their destiny is to be with the Glass..

There would be only rare few who would know the real Ruby, understand & appreciate its value & provide a perfet setting of Gold / Platinum for the Ruby..to own it & cherish it!!!


So what would you own? Fake? or Real?

🙂 🙂 🙂


Dad, Father, Papa, Daddy!


Come Mother’s Day & everyone goes mushy as to how much they love their mothers. The profile pictures on the Social Networking Sites are changed to suit the occasion, status updated, feelings tweeted. You get the picture, right?

But on Father’s Day there has been no furore! I can understand guys not too excited ‘coz they always share a awkward relationships with their dads (except the exceptions) but what about girls? As far as I know all girls are little princesses of their dads & dads are their heroes, ain’t it?

If we are cheering for our moms, let’s not forget to cheer for our dads too!

This post is a tribute to all the wonderful dads in the world. As rightly said by someone, First Hero of a son & First Love of a daughter!!!

Dad – A puzzled man who doesn’t know how to react when he knows he’s going to be a father.

Dad – Scared to hold you ‘coz he is worried he will hurt you.

Dad – Goes to work to provide for family & misses all the cherishable moments.

Dad – Stays up all night when you are not well.

Dad – Takes up role of mom when she is not around.

Dad – Narrates bed time stories to you.

Dad – Protects you from scary monsters.

Dad – Cooks yummy food for you.

Dad – Holds your hand when you cross the road.

Dad – Becomes your horse.

Dad – Is your friend, mentor & guide.

Dad – Makes your wishes come true.

Dad – First coach of any sport.

Dad – Cheats so you can win.

Dad – Cries with you during a mushy movie.

Dad – Cries the hardest when you get married & go away.

Dad – Is proudest of your achievement.

Dad – Visits your website daily.

Dad – Comforts when you are sad.

Dad – Gives bear hugs!

Dad – I Love You <3 


My Own Top Ten Twitter Celeb List!

Much furore was raised on Twitter when Oulook magazine released its version of Twitter Gods.

As my Twitter God says, why make an issue, just look it as the list of Outlook’s favourite Tweeples!

And that made me thinking of my favourite Tweeples, Celebs in their own right!

They are witty, smart, intelligent, humorous & make my Twitter World perfect! A Follow back from them gave me a mini heart attack 🙂

Wanna Meet them??

1. @bizzarebhide: He – My Twitter God. Me – His Stalker 😉 A comment on my freshly created handle, “A Culinary Innovative Delight” made me check out his tweets. I was amazed at his witty tweets & sense of humour. He was the first person I followed on Twitter. His tweets & blogs have made me his fan. 🙂

2. @SirExtraCheese: The first thing I loved about this handle was the word Extra Cheese. I always love extra cheese with my pizza :-). But what I loved most was when I had asked something about baked lays & he replied, “Lets say hi first”. His tweets are nice, sweet, crazy & always make me smile. He writes lovely poems & is a mindblowing photographer. Multi Talented yet so Down to Earth!

3. @mochaccino: She is my dear dear mo & I am her chilly balls 😉 Not just another coffee handle – She is the cutest person I have EVER met. You will surely fall in love with her tweets & get addicted to just like caffeine. My timeline is very boring without her!

4. @HandleNotFound: I met her as @iWritingGirl. Her writing is just WOW! Not many girls/women have guts to write on supposedly “bold” topics. But she does & with such aplomb! She makes my Timeline HAWT!!!

5. @Hitlerbai: She is one bold chick. And funny And cute. I just love her replies to Paulo Coelho’s spanish tweets & also her after sleep plans. I literally roll on floor with laughter!

6. @teraKaminaDost: Though the handle says Kamina, there is nothing kamina about this guy. Share a common grievance of not getting auto in the morning 😉 Roz raat barah baje Santa Banta inhein milne aate hain!

7. @Mindd_it: Our own Rajnikant of Twitter – Mind it! His most famous tweet: “O meri aan, o meri uun” is like a lullaby 😉

8. @pal36: Adi Guru of Twitter. Lord Dattatreya had 24 gurus, he probably has 240+ who tell him what they learnt 😉 His daily question, What Did You Learn Today (#WDYLT) has made me more aware of my learnings of the day & I quite look forward to share it with him 🙂

9. @14_yr_Old_Etard: Followed & Unfollowed him quite a few times due to some of his outrageous views but decided that the outrageous tweets are a tiny fraction as compared to the wisdom he doles out. His blogs are interesting as well. Not 14 year old. Not a retard definitely.

10. @SimpooSir: One handle on which I agree with Outlook completely. His innocent zokes & peezays will definitely make you smile if not laugh. He has answers to all questions including where do you find a soulmate – Mochi ke paas bhai!

Happy Following 🙂


Mirchi Laddoo – Yummylicious!!!

Yo Chilli Balls! A day never passes when I am not looking for this phrase on my time line…

Yes, thats what I prefer to be called nowadays..or Mirchi Laddoo or Laddoo or Mirchi 😉

I dont even remember / want to remember my real name ..This is my real world now. Far from the familial/community/colleagues presence..

There was a time when I was too addicted to facebook. Updating lotsa posts & poems when I was in love & after the heart break earned me the nickname of Mirchi..but someone opposed, said I was too sweet to be called Mirchi..so got another nickname of Laddoo..Of course, it matched my shape as well 😉

So was I to be Mirchi or Laddoo??? Reminded me of my old tagline on my Yahoo ID “Sugar is Sweet but Spice is nice”

Mirchi, provides the necessary spice in life. Mirchi is tasty,Mirchi is fun, hell, Mirchi is Sexy!!!

And Laddoo? Laddoo is sweet..Laddoo comes to rescue when you have too much of the Mirchi..Laddoo is Love!!!

Thats what I am – Sweet like a Laddoo & Spiciy like a Mirchi 😉

Welcome to the world of Mirchi Laddoo 🙂

Ties that bind us…


We had learnt in school “Man is a social animal”. At that point of time we did not give so much importance to the deeper meaning of the sentence.

But the more we grow, we realize how true the statement is..

This also is one of the reasons of the popularity of the “Social” Networking Sites :-) :-) :-)

A man is not satisfied with merely fulfilling his basic necessities..He needs something more than Food, Water & Shelter..He needs love, appreciation & validation. He also needs company..The company could be of family, friends, lover, children or even pets or books or any other hobbies..

A man needs a connection with someone..a relationship with an individual or a group to share their thoughts & feelings, to engage in activities together, to have fun together & ultimately to live their life together..

A man’s relationship starts when he is in the womb..that is his first relationship..with his mother..

As he opens his eyes in the real world, he gets some more relations..father, grandparents, brothers, sisters, & a whole bunch of extended family..

As he grows up, goes to school / college, he makes new relations..they are called friends..The ties with friends are much stronger because we choose whom we want to have a connection with.

And then one day he meets someone special..Someone who is made especially for him..This is the relationship he craves for..

Sometimes this relationship ends in marriage & begins with having kids..Life becomes a full circle for him then!

Buiilding a relationship is not an easy task though..There are various stages of a relationship..

  1. Acquaintance: Here, you come to know a person. If both of you like each other only then a relationship will proceed to next level.
  2. Buildup: You both already like each other. Now is the time to build care & trust for each other. Some common background & interests are required to sustain this stage.
  3. Continuation: Here a long term commitment is made be it for friendship, romantic relationship or marriage.
  4. Deterioration: Sometimes a relationship is not able to sustain..it starts deteriorating..you lose interest in the other person or vice-versa, or there is some distrust, fights, dis-harmony, etc. Whatever the reason..but from here the relationship can go to two stages..through resolving problems & issues back to stage 3 or else to stage 5
  5. Termination: The final stage marks the end of the relationship either by death or separation..

It is beautiful to have so many relationships around us. They make the journey of life much more beautiful..

A caring mom, a protective dad, a loving sister, a pampering brother, a friend who is all of these & more, a lover, husband, kids…also nosy neighbours (love to share a cup of sugar with some hot gossip) ;-)

Some relationships are beyond labels though..They are the best ones :-)

Blood Relations, Soul Relations, Need Relations, whatever the type maybe but Har ek relation Zaroori Hota hai!!!

Relationships are very special..

When they are new they are exciting..

When they are old they are comforting..

And when they are dead, they become Cherished Memories…


Suicide – Cowardice or Bravery???

Newspapers are filled with suicide stories..on a daily basis so many people commit suicide for varied reasons..failure in love, financial trouble, incurable diseases, chronic depression, etc..

Death is an inevitable part of life..what lives has to die and every life comes with an expiry date..

Suicide is a way of shouting I quit! I quit this miserable life where there is no hope for me..things are only going to worsen from here..

People say that only cowards commit suicide..but is it really so? Why are we so prompt to judge someone when we don’t know how their journey has been?

These people have reached a dead end..their minds & hearts are blank..they don’t know where to go from here..turning back is not an option..they can think of only one thing then..to end it all..no more misery, no more despair, no mure hurt, no more heart wrenching pain, no helplessness..

I feel we and society as a whole behave cowardly towards such people..

They are one of us..someone from our family, a friend or a neighbour..

We know what they are going through but what do we do for them?

Sometimes even a kind touch makes a person think life is not that bad at all..

Are we brave enough to be kind to such people? Do we extend our love, our support, our compassion to them? If not then we have no right to call them names.

Do not cry after the person is no more..laugh with them when they are alive..that would be a much better tribute!


Fuelling My Passion!

Writing is socially acceptable form of being naked in public – Paulo Coelho
When I read this quote, I was dumbfounded! I always shied away from sharing my writings as I was not comfortable baring my thoughts or feelings..I used to think if someone reads this, what would they think? If I write something about love / pain would they think I have experienced it myself? I was not ready to answer anyone’s questions if they did! I wrote still but not about anything personal. I wrote for my office mags / on Facebook / blogs. But everything was about non-personal stuff most of the time. If I posted anything that would look personal, my inbox would be flooded with oh, what happened, etc.

After I read this quote, I was like if such a great author can feel this way, it was ok for me to feel the same!

It is time now to write about what I really want to write without having any inhibitions..It may not be liked by all…but I would love the freedom of having all the thoughts outside my mind onto my blogs / books / whatever medium.

‘Coz I have also learnt that when you put out all your thoughts on paper it reduces the intensity of your feelings..you become more calm & are at peace with yourself.

I would be very happy to unleash my love / passion for writing & also sharing it with few people who are interested in my work.

So how did it all began?

It all started with my another passion, Reading! Ya right, If I do anything, it has to be passionately! I don’t know any other way to do it 🙂

Reading has always been like a passion for me since childhood. I have always been a voracious reader. It may be newspapers, comics, short stories, novellas or full fledge novels. I forget myself when i am reading.. I become one with the characters & feel their emotions empathetically. It takes me to places where I can not physically go..transporting me to a world of imagination. Reading has also fuelled my already active imagination! The next logical step for me was to then pour out all the imagination in the form of writing..

I used to write poetries, short essays & stories..but I immediately tore them up after writing..Apart from the reason above, I was also not sure whether I was a good writer or not..

Getting appreciated for whatever I have written till now has made me more comfortable with sharing my writings with public..

To cut a long story short, it is time to fuel my passion & drive it on the highway of imagination..If I get some friends along with me, cool!! If not, then Ekla Chalo Re!!!