How to Kill Time!


For the Working people, Television has become a major source of entertainment.

But what happens when one day when your TV breaks down & you can’t get it fixed?

Let us see some creative ideas how to kill time & emerge winner!!!

1. Cleaning: Pick up one area in your home. Your wardrobe, book shelf, bedroom, kitchen shelf. Clean thoroughly & rearrange. It’s the best productive way to utilise your time.

2. Reading: People who are fond of reading, collect many books during the course of year but the books collect dust waiting to be read. Brush off the dust on the books & pick one to read.

If you have an internet connection & laptop, you can also indulge your time reading books online, including comic books or even blogs. You can even try your hand in writing a blog, if you are not writing already!

3. Games: Lots of games to be played online from Solitaire, Chess, Farmville & what not. Always keep a pack of cards at home. You can always play Solitaire, if electricity or computer is not available πŸ˜‰

4. Movies / Sitcoms: Just like books, people also download movies / sitcoms & collect it to watch on a rainy day. What better time than now to watch them?

5. Talk: Call up people whom you have not spoken to in ages. If you are staying away from family, call your family members. It would be a happy surprise for them as well.

6. Walk: Go out of your house. Explore your neighbourhood. Enjoy some fresh air.

7. Music: If you don’t feel like doing anything from the above, there is always Music. Switch off your lights & switch on your favourite music. Enjoy Solitude.

All the above ideas are not exhaustive. When TV is switched off, it is time to switch on your imagination & think of the best possible way to utilise your time.



2 thoughts on “How to Kill Time!

  1. Apt… TV and internet on phone has handicapped all of us from all other kind of activities. We just keep stalling them and end up doing nothing at all…

    You should write more often laddoo… πŸ™‚

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