How to Kill Time!


For the Working people, Television has become a major source of entertainment.

But what happens when one day when your TV breaks down & you can’t get it fixed?

Let us see some creative ideas how to kill time & emerge winner!!!

1. Cleaning: Pick up one area in your home. Your wardrobe, book shelf, bedroom, kitchen shelf. Clean thoroughly & rearrange. It’s the best productive way to utilise your time.

2. Reading: People who are fond of reading, collect many books during the course of year but the books collect dust waiting to be read. Brush off the dust on the books & pick one to read.

If you have an internet connection & laptop, you can also indulge your time reading books online, including comic books or even blogs. You can even try your hand in writing a blog, if you are not writing already!

3. Games: Lots of games to be played online from Solitaire, Chess, Farmville & what not. Always keep a pack of cards at home. You can always play Solitaire, if electricity or computer is not available 😉

4. Movies / Sitcoms: Just like books, people also download movies / sitcoms & collect it to watch on a rainy day. What better time than now to watch them?

5. Talk: Call up people whom you have not spoken to in ages. If you are staying away from family, call your family members. It would be a happy surprise for them as well.

6. Walk: Go out of your house. Explore your neighbourhood. Enjoy some fresh air.

7. Music: If you don’t feel like doing anything from the above, there is always Music. Switch off your lights & switch on your favourite music. Enjoy Solitude.

All the above ideas are not exhaustive. When TV is switched off, it is time to switch on your imagination & think of the best possible way to utilise your time.